back to article Hey kids! Want to send teacher on a Zero-G flight? Unleash those mad cool video skillz

Hey kids – fancy chucking paper planes at the supply teacher while your real one hops on a micro-gravity aircraft? You'll need to think about something interesting to bring aboard Zero-G's ageing Boeing 727 to get your mentor airborne and, briefly, floating. Zero G aircraft Zero G aircraft The company has launched a …

  1. Steve K Silver badge

    Sounds like a job for "Look Around You"

    Sounds like a job for "Look Around You".

  2. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Hello? Huey?

    > Want to send teacher on a Zero-G flight

    For a moment I thought the article was suggesting pushing them off a tall building.

  3. Robert Helpmann?? Silver badge

    Too much like me

    My plea for "just one more" parabola didn't go down at all well with those strapped in with heads between knees.

    I would totally do the same, even especially if I felt like those poor bastards.

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