back to article Hi, it looks like you're procuring comms infrastructure. Might we suggest... all vendors?

Huawei is girding itself for the results of a UK government review that could recommend telcos buy network equipment from different vendors. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport's (aka the Ministry of Fun) telecoms supply chain infrastructure review is expected to deliver its conclusions in May, and is likely to …

  1. phuzz Silver badge

    It's a great idea. We all know how poorly different vendors' equipment interoperates, so this will be nicely secure.

    It doesn't matter if the PLA have pwned your core routers if they can't communicate with anything else on the network because the manufacturers have all interpreted the 'standard' differently.

    1. JetSetJim Silver badge

      It's fairly common for the core to be one vendor and the RAN to have more than one other vendor - IOT (Inter-Operator Testing) takes care of that, and it's in the vendors interest to do this properly even if they'd like to have the complete network footprint as a sale.

      What normally happens in the RAN is that an area is defined as "here be Ericsson", and that will be their footprint. Messing around with that paradigm is folly, as the performance statistics of one vendor will not necessarily equate to those of another vendor, therefore you'd need to expertly merge that data to properly understand what your network is doing in an area with multiple vendors.

      There are some standards defined performance metrics (TS 32.403. IIRC - that might be the UMTS one, anyway), but they're possibly not the most informative stats for network diagnostics. It would probably be quite hard for a RAN engineer to trace issues as the user(s) experiencing those issues move between vendor sites.

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