back to article Public cloud has gone from existential threat to friends with benefits for colocation providers

Rather than eating into colocation providers' revenues, public cloud vendors have emerged as their fastest-growing customer category. Data from Synergy Research shows that, overall, the colocation market grew 10 per cent to more than $34bn in 2018. Revenue from hyperscale customers – the world's largest cloud and internet …

  1. M.V. Lipvig

    Not a surprise

    Colo centers already occupy a large amount of space, with a huge multiple carrier fiber presence as well as enough UPS power to run a small country, already in place. It's far cheaper for a cloud company to chuck a few dozen servers into a rented colo space than it would be to try and duplicate a data center in a large downtown area.

    1. Jack of Shadows Silver badge

      Re: Not a surprise

      And may be one factor under consideration in Google's streaming-gaming service.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Not a surprise

        I was surprised to fin that traditional colo (they supply the space, power, connectivity etc. and I supply the servers works out cheaper than any Cloud offer I could find.

        It also means I'm not sharing with anyone so it's one less attack vector.

        It got cheaper again when we decided to build our own servers. It's not hard and we could build three or more for less than the price of one from a large vendor. They've proved just as reliable but in general we just ditch them when there's a fault as they're so cheap.

  2. Giovani Tapini

    Also a great way

    of moving kit to a colo environment and telling the PHB that you have moved to cloud without changing anything apart from geography...

    1. A.P. Veening

      Re: Also a great way

      And if you truly want to make it cloud, as BOFH you just start your own cloud company, rent that same colo space and move the server there, additional profit for the same amount of work. Cloud just means you are using somebody else's computer.

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