back to article Watching in slow motion as you turn around and say... Take my breath Huawei (with its updated storage silo software)

While fending off America's accusations that it backdoors its gear for Beijing, Huawei has upgraded its FusionStorage software to v8.0 in hope of providing all the different storage resources a data centre needs from one silo. FusionStorage is a scale-out, distributed system which integrates the local storage resources of up …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Can I upvote the headline?

    Can't find the button to do that :-(

    1. PhilipN Silver badge

      Re: Can I upvote the headline?

      Agreed. I thought the same when (s)he channelled both AC/DC and a certain Hollywood musical (!) within 24 hours.

      Careful though. Senior journos may throw a hissy fit when a sub-editor writes better copy than theirs.

      (Just teasing, guys)

      1. Little Mouse

        Re: Can I upvote the headline?

        All the UK news outlets simultaneously started pronouncing the name "Wah-way" around 4 weeks or so ago - a bit like when Princess Eugeeenie suddenly became Princess "Eu-zjhennie" overnight.

        It's probably closer to the true pronunciation, but it certainly doesn't scan as well.

  2. jake Silver badge

    I never paid any attention to the lyrics of that song.

    I just looked them up out of curiosity. I hadn't missed anything.

    1. Aladdin Sane Silver badge

      Re: I never paid any attention to the lyrics of that song.

      Having played a brass band arrangement a few years back, can confirm it's a dirge with or without lyrics.

      1. Tom Paine Silver badge

        Re: I never paid any attention to the lyrics of that song.

        Quite right, Total Eclipse of the Heart is far less bad, though it's fair to say the original 80s video has, er, not dated too well. Also it fits into From Despair to Where are JDB demonstrated at the Birmingham date last year (complete set is on YT, filmed for the People Give In video I think.)

  3. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  4. Aladdin Sane Silver badge

    PR shove

    Sounds saucy.

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