back to article Roses are red, we've received about fifty. Google's next trick? Pixels for the thrifty

Long-rumoured cheaper Google phones will make their debut this year, according to Nikkei, which claims to have an idea of how much (or how little) they'll cost. "Midrange to high-end phones are priced at between $150 and $700, while low end models sell for less than $150," the news service suggested. Sales are intended to …

  1. gbru2606


    Google's HDR+ default setting undoubtedly handles natural lighting very beautifully and naturally compared to Samsung's efforts which eliminate shadow and contrast for a bland sameness to photographs if you use the default settings. You can still get it cheaply on a Google Nexus 5X or 6P, but the jump in price for the Pixel range can't be justified by this software feature alone.

    Took comparison pics with a friend in the pub one evening. He with the newly released S9 at about £700. Me with a brand new £250 Nexus 5X from Argos - a model initially released a year and a half earlier. His face was a picture when he could clearly see that HDR+ made all the difference and that the 5X had captured the deep contrasts far better than the S9. He was gutted.

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Can I correct the subheading?

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Have this cheap mobile

    So we can stalk you

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Can I correct the subheading?

      Roses are red,

      Violets are red,

      Everything's red,

      I've got blood in my eyes

      1. Danny 14 Silver badge

        Re: Can I correct the subheading?

        roses are red

        sd cards arent new

        this cant take them

        so ill say FU

    2. Roj Blake Silver badge

      Re: Can I correct the subheading?

      Roses are grey,

      Violets are grey,

      I'm a dog,


      1. Chris Parsons

        Re: Can I correct the subheading?

        Are you by any chance THE Rog Blake?

  3. macjules Silver badge

    And the Apple version ..

    Our phones can be gold,

    They can even be blue,

    Give us £1,500 today,

    So that like Facebook we can f*** you, too

  4. Locky Silver badge

    And Windows

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Your phone has crashed

    We deleted Sys32

    1. Waseem Alkurdi Silver badge

      Re: And Windows

      We deleted Sys32 system32

      Well, I really had to do it.

  5. Rameses Niblick the Third Kerplunk Kerplunk Whoops Where's My Thribble? Silver badge

    Roses are red,

    Lemons are yellow,

    Ignore the privacy worries,

    There's a good fellow

  6. John Riddoch


    Roses are red

    Bought from the bazaar

    We're gathering your data

    Contravening GDPR

  7. Alistair Silver badge

    Roses are red

    what colour is Gru?

    And googles cheap phones

    Are here to track you.

  8. phuzz Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Can I just say bravo to all of the commentards above, who have shown more wit in one comment than I manage in a week.

  9. This post has been deleted by its author

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Roses are red,

    carnations are white,

    google are evil,

    and apple are sh!te.

  11. John Slater

    Roses are red,

    Headphones are wired.

    This has no socket,

    So it won't be acquired.

  12. Gustavo Fring

    as they all say

    :<iframe src="" width="480" height="182" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p>via GIPHY</p>

    eye: 4 1 GGL olords

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