back to article Webroot dunked in Carbonite: Should be quite well protected – if it survives the freezing process, that is

Online backup service Carbonite has inked a deal to buy Webroot for over half a billion dollars to help it fling cloud-based endpoint security at smaller biz. The $618.5m acquisition will be financed through $550m in loans and cash on hand and is expected to close this quarter. Founded in 1997, Webroot develops security tools …

  1. Marty McFly

    A backup company + a security company?

    Where have I seen this before? Does history dare repeat itself?

    Oh, yeah! In 2005 Symantec got together with Veritas. They had a rocky marriage until the big divorce in 2016. Thank goodness they never properly integrated their products together, otherwise there would have been a custody battle over the children.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: A backup company + a security company?

      and years later, every time the clocks change we still have backups fail..

  2. The Man Who Fell To Earth Silver badge

    I suspect this won't end well

    I am a customer of Carbonite, Webroot & Acronis. This merger of Carbonite & Webroot does not make sense to me. Why do I suspect I won't still be a customer of all three a year from now?

    1. DButch

      Re: I suspect this won't end well

      Carbonite backup just fired up on my PC as a result of them buying out Mozy a while back. In 24 hours it's backed up just over 1% of my PC. I figure it'll be sometime in May before Carbonite is done. I like that they are being respectful of my resources, but I'd be happy to see it use at least some of my network bandwidth for actual, you know, backing things up a BIT faster.

  3. Bryan Hall

    Let me guess...

    The subscription price for web root will soar soon. Yeah...

  4. HKmk23


    I am not putting my family jewels in someone elses hands ....ever!

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