back to article Viasat: Huzzah, we're going to the EU courts over airline broadband

Viasat, US arch-rival of British satellite comms biz Inmarsat, has claimed victory in a Belgian court during a bitter continent-wide legal row over the proposed EU Aviation Network for in-flight phone signal. After losing the first two rounds of its legal challenges against the EAN, Viasat is now delighted that the Brussels …

  1. Nick Kew Silver badge


    The Rule of Lawyers. To drain all the vitality out of any tech project and zombify it.

  2. Starace

    Whiny little bitches

    Moan moan moan through any court they can.

    Never a good look for a company.

  3. beast666

    EU fail.

    Satellite bandwidth will become dirt cheap. Again the EU show themselves as a useless bunch of commies.

    1. Duncan Macdonald Silver badge

      Re: EU fail.

      Satellite bandwidth is highly unlikely to become dirt cheap. There is only a limited range of frequencies available for satellite to ground communications. Add to that the size limitations of satellites restricting the number and directionality of the onboard antennas and similar limitations on the aircraft and the available bandwidth per plane will probably be well under 1Gb/sec no matter what technology is used. Ground stations do not have the same limitations so it makes sense to use them where possible.

    2. Dabooka Silver badge

      Re: EU fail.

      Err, what?

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