back to article Arrcus looks to 400G future, Tonga stuck on satellite connection, and Linux Foundation's new edge computing effort

Relative newcomer Arrcus wants to help networking upstarts follow the industry's juggernauts into the 400Gbps Ethernet world with the latest update to its year-old ArcOS network operating system. Speaking to The Register ahead of the launch, founder and CEO Devesh Garg said the migration to 400G will take the industry about …

  1. Snowy Silver badge

    Looked at the headline

    Was thinking it is a bit soon to start talking up 400G when the telecoms companies have not done 5G let alone competed 4G :O

  2. astounded1

    My Tongan Beach House Is Offline

    The sat solution for the undersea cable disruption is slow, sessions all time out.

    In effect, we are off grid for awhile.

    God it's beautiful!!!

    I'm sending this comment from the boat's sat account.

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