back to article SK Hynix feels mosquito bite in revenues from flat flash and DRAM demand

DRAM shortages that boosted the coffers of memory makers in recent times looks to be over - at least for now - and the impact can be seen in SK Hynix's top and bottom lines judging by its calendar Q4 financials. The South Korean semiconductor manufacturer reported sales of ₩9.94tn ($8.9bn), up 10 per cent year-on-year but down …

  1. hotaru

    once RAM manufacturers realize their price fixing schemes are hurting them and start actually competing against each other, they'll find plenty of demand for reasonably priced RAM.

    1. overunder

      Yeh, the prices are out of hand now, they really have shot themselves in the foot. I personally was looking to buy just 128Gb in _TWO_ dimms and immediately changed my mind after doing the math. I couldn't imagine the amount of principles that would have to be sacrificed if i had to buy TB's of it.

      It's so bad that you can't even buy less today to offset some of the price tomorrow. The price fixing is worse than what Big Oil pulls off.

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