back to article Biz game in the mainframe: T-Systems buddies up with IBM

IBM is to buy Deutsche Telekom's ailing maniframe unit, according to multiple sources. IBM's new mainframe IBM talks 'emerging, high value segments' – so you know the Q3 numbers aren't great READ MORE A docket on Germany's competition authority website that appeared on New Year's Eve refers to an "acquisition" by IBM Germany …

  1. stevebp

    IBM in search of a strategy?

    Why would IBM buy a "failing mainframe" division off another company when they have pretty much divested themselves of all manufacturing? Is it just me confused or have the board completely lost the plot? I do know, from some of the people I know who have recently joined IBM, that their hiring standards are definitely lower than they were!

    1. devTrail Bronze badge

      Re: IBM in search of a strategy?

      T-Systems is not a manufacturer, it's an IT services company, it was once part of Deutsche Telecom IT division.

      So it can be seen as IBM kicked out by their clients trying to sneak in again.

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