back to article Cloud hardware spend edges ahead of traditional setups for the first time

Abacus-strummer IDC has clocked that quarterly revenues of IT infrastructure (that's servers, storage, and Ethernet switches) for the cloud have officially squeezed past sales into traditional environments. In a report this week, based on its quarterly cloud IT infrastructure tracker, the analyst said cloud sales had overtaken …

  1. DavidCarter

    What on earth does cloud hardware really mean to consumers (read: businesses) vs on-premise kit?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seems like some of this is explained by vendor claims and spin rather than reality.

    "Oh, look how much kit we sold that runs the cloud! We're a cloud vendor, see!"

    Whereas for most of the vendors in this article, the "servers, storage, and Ethernet switches" they peddle are the same whether deployed on-prem or in some cloud setup. Modulo a marketing model number that has "CLOUD" in it.

    Somewhat like the storage vendors scrambling to make sure they offer kit which fits into the right categories so the likes of IDC/Gartner call it "All Flash".

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