back to article Forget your $145m Apple patent payout, WiLAN told – it's $10m or gamble on a new trial

WiLAN has been told by a US judge it can either walk away with $10m in patent-infringement damages from Apple – somewhat lower than the $145m set by a jury – or go to trial again to set the figure. This comes after WiLAN battled the iPhone giant over US patents 8,457,145 and 8,537,757, a lawsuit running since 2013 in southern …

  1. Little Mouse

    "WiLAN acquired those patents from Ensemble Communications"

    I kind of lost all sympathy after reading that, which might be a shame given I don't know the whole story.

    I've got no problem with the idea of transferring IP, but not with patent trolls. Any idea which this is?

    1. Ragarath

      Seeing as this line is in the article:

      The $145m figure is important to WiLAN's financial future, and it looks like the patent litigation business is losing some of its shine.

      I'm going with "Patent Troll"

  2. gurugeorge

    Just look them up - owned by quarterhill entirely patent trolls run by a lawyer with no other business or income. In the glorious words of pounds and Kumar, 2004 - “ we gotta burn the motherfucker down”

  3. John Robson Silver badge

    Troll - or maybe just a skeleton

    Is it still a patent troll if they acquire the patent from a company that was put out of business by the cost of fighting apple?

    Assuming of course that the original company was actively using the patented technology etc...

  4. patentdefender

    A Bogus Misleading Article

    The jury awarded the $145 million in a swift deliberation. No mention of that. Apple was found 100% guity of infringment. No mention of that. There is no reason whatsoever why the 145 million will not be upheld or even increased by a new jury. No way Wilan takes this measely Apple offer that Apple picked out of thin air with no substantive reason to back it up.

    Time to make Apple -- the most immoral company on the planet for stealing other peoples technology and tying it up in litigation -- to pay up! Not to mention the hoard of billions of $$$ they stash away in offshore accounts so they dont have to pay taxes which denies much needed and morally due capital for the country to run and grow.

    This is just the start for Apple to pay in fact.

    Qualcomm and many others are winning in court against them too now. The pendulum has swung. Their products are even getting banned in China. THAT was why they had to lower their forcasts going forward recently and the SP got slammed.

    Patents have been undermined for too long. The USA has now dropped to 12th in the world in patent protection. 12th!!!! Its why we are lagging so much now in creating new things and are falling behind the rest of the world. Investors are getting nothing for their ideas stolen. Nothing.

    1. FozzyBear Silver badge

      Re: A Bogus Misleading Article

      Oh look everybody! An employee of Quarterhill.

      Seriously PatentDefender, get down from your soapbox, take it and your Patent troll ideologies and just get the F*&k out

      1. patentdefender

        Re: A Bogus Misleading Article

        Truth hurts that much does it? Thats quite the attack. I'm guessing you own a lot of Apple product and it doesnt matter how immoral they are.

        We have dropped to 12th in patent protection in the world. 12th! It is shameful.

        Wake up. The unfettered and unregulated Apples and Googles are wrecking this country.

        They own you.

      2. patentdefender

        Re: A Bogus Misleading Article

        Not to mention how uninformed you are. The founders of Wilan actually invented the patented technology that was infirnged!!!

        Do your homework.

        Like the writer of the article should have.

    2. Financegozu

      Re: A Bogus Misleading Article

      Winning? I see them tanking in Germany after appeal an Apple walking away with 1.4 Bn$

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