back to article Seagate woos NASty folk and other flashy types at CES

Seagate has tossed three SSDs into the CES arena, looking to please small NAS users, thin laptoppers and gamers. LSI WarpDrive section Seagate in surprise $450m LSI Flash gobble READ MORE We have the IronWolf 100 NAS-focused SSD, the BarraCuda 510 thin laptop drive and the FireCuda 510 gaming device. The IronWolf 110 is a 2 …

  1. Christian Berger Silver badge


    I mean SSDs have their advantages, but for typical home NAS uses those are largely irrelevant. I mean few home users have 10 GBit networks at home.

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: Why?

      I'd like to upgrade my home NAS to SSDs to lower the noise level.

      1. Christian Berger Silver badge

        Re: Why?

        That is a valid point, though at todays flash prices one might be better off just buying the next door flat.

      2. Dave Hilling

        Re: Why?

        I was looking at just doing a RAID1 SSD volume for ISCSI VMware datastore. I do a lot of customer testing at home and storage is always my slow point for my two VMWare servers and even though they have local SSD they currently have no redundancy. Nothing I could lose would be critical just a hassle.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Why?

      > I mean few home users have 10 GBit networks at home.

      10GbE network gear can be very cheaply found on Ebay.

      Look for 2nd hand Mellanox "ConnectX" series network cards. The ConnectX series, currently in the 6th or so generation now, can all do 10GbE (or faster). Even the generation 1 stuff.

    3. LDS Silver badge

      Re: Why?

      Besides NAS, there is direct attached storage using USB 3 and Thunderbolt links. In lower-end NAS this disks could be useful as caches, but they can also be useful to build more compact, low power ones.

      There are some small boards based on Intel Atom C3000 chips that have 10Gb ports and a lot of SATA ports (but only one NVMe). Some power users (i.e. video editing) could like a NAS built with such specs.

  2. Korev Silver badge

    SSD price crash?

    Is this the start of the long heralded SSD price crash that has ben discussed in this organ a few times? Or maybe just wishful thinking on my part?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    > The BarraCuda 510 is – oddly – skewed for random write operations with random read/write IOPS of up to 340,000/500,000.

    It's probably from someone making a cut-n-paste error in the source document.

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