back to article Microsoft makes a dip in the Azure Cosmos DB pool just a bit more tempting with another price drop

Sandwiched between the open source excitement of Microsoft’s Connect(); 2018 event was news to set the hearts of database fans a-quiver. As well as a slew of new toys, the cost of entry and scaling of its globally distributed database service, Cosmos DB, was lowered considerably. Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s crack at a distributed …

  1. SVV Silver badge

    gives customers availability of 99.999%

    This is Microsoft cloud stuff. Blandly regutgitating PR claims such as this is not very credible when their systems have been going down more frequently than, erm, something that frequently descends.

  2. quxinot

    Gosh. A price cut so huge.... though doesn't that mean that it could also spike up dramatically and without warning? Bet that'd be unpleasant, if you had made it critical to your work...

  3. dank_army

    Last time I played with Cosmos it wasn't as expensive as cited in the article. And 400 RU was the minimum. I'm not sure where they got 10,000 from

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