back to article Sing it loud and sing it proud: It's all about the cloud for Microsoft

Because it wouldn't be a Microsoft event without the Azure drum being banged loudly and often, there were a slew of reveals related to Redmond's cloudy product line at today's Connect();. AI is always listening Though the debate on what AI actually is continues, Microsoft is happy to slap the moniker on all manner of …

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  2. bombastic bob Silver badge

    I hear market speak

    I'm not against what MS is doing with Azure [maybe they should stick with that] but yeah, the analytics side of things DOES seem 'creepy' to me... particularly with the slurping that we already know about.

    That being said, IoT and cloudiness may have its use, but it seems more practical to keep IoT things on the private LAN and _not_ go into "the cloud". If your phone application needs to know what temperature your oven or refrigerator (or living room) is at, a 'peer to peer' method is PROBABLY a better solution. OK it would need a 'cloudy tracker' but NOT a 'cloudy service'.

    Cloud IS overrated for MOST things that I've seen. It has its uses. It is NOT "the ultimate solution".

    And, is all of their market hype part of a PLAN to monetize more of us 'end-users' ?

  3. Howard Hanek Bronze badge

    Cloud? Or is it fog? Like in pettifoggery.

  4. Kev99 Bronze badge

    keep in mind that any meteorologist will tell you, a cloud is nothing but a bunch of holes held together by vapor. Kind of like that proverbial screen door on a submarine.

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