back to article VMware's latest financial figures look virtually healthy if you page out Pivotal cash-splash loss

VMware has attributed a good third financial quarter to continuing strong interest in hybrid cloud services, payoffs from its AWS partnership, and an economy that remains friendly to technology spending even when there are headwinds elsewhere. Summarizing VMware's three months to November 2, aka its fiscal 2019 Q3: Total …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well, Hopefully some cash exists for the now woeful support

    Support has gone downhill with GSS not having a clue about their own products!

    1. Mr.Nobody

      Re: Well, Hopefully some cash exists for the now woeful support

      Ha Ha! As if. We got our fourth pair of Sales Associates in eight years, each pair more worthless than the last. We complained extensively again about the uselessness of calling support, they hadn't solved any of our problems in the last four years, etc.

      These two actually told us, yes, we are sorry its so horrible, but one option was to actually pay them MORE money for BETTER support. We were agog. I am ready to switch to KVM, with all the pain it would produce.

      Five years ago one could call VMware support and get someone in Atlanta, or Ireland in 2 minutes, and that person would solve a problem 90% of the time. Now you call and you might get someone that tells you to send the logs, and recommend reinstalling.

      Once I had an engineer on the phone for an issue with a windows server VMware service not starting with a domain account, and he told me I should switch to the local account - or just switch to the appliance because it was way better. That was his one and only answer. Needless to say we figured it out ourselves as usual.

  2. E 2

    Didn't Dell gobble up VMWare? Why is it filing income data?

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