back to article Amazon makes lift-and-shift play for Windows File, Lustre workloads

Amazon is in on-premises application landgrab mode and has released two fully managed services that lift and shift Windows File Server and Lustre workloads to AWS. The FSx for Windows File Server and FSx for Lustre are both based on SSD hardware and landed this week. Amazon FSx for Windows File Server supports the SMB …

  1. Dan from Chicago

    In other words....

    $6048 per year is the minimum cost. $18,000 for a typical refresh cycle.

    So why is it listed it at 0.14 cents?

    They wouldn't be trying to confuse pointy haired boss types about the cost of their cloud services compared to buying your own kit, would they?

    ...considering that you buy those same four 1TB nvme disks for about $600.

    That's a 30,000% profit on the storage cost. Really we need to be considering the cost of electricity, host boxes, and staff. At that point, profits at that Mother Theresa like company could be scraping along at only a few thousand percent!

    :-) - Am I being a little unfair? Maybe it's Amazon that is.

    It's like selling bags of rice under a big sign that has the price per grain of rice. Not nice!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: In other words....

      The elephant that you seem to be ignoring is the cost of the people to take care of the care and feeding on the hardware end of things. They aren't cheap and no, not any sysadmin you pick up off the street will have a clue.

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