back to article Amazon's self-driving AI robo-car – THE TRUTH (it's a few inches in size)

Rent-a-cloud biz AWS has cooked up a melange of still more AI-oriented bit bundles to serve pay-as-you-go customers, topped with the promise of AI-enhancing hardware and a throwable self-driving car. It already has quite a few smart code confections: Rekognition, Lex, Polly, Transcribe, Comprehend, Translate, Sagemaker, and …

  1. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    a 4MP camera with 1080p resolution

    1080p digital codecs probably hate that.

    1. Anonymous Coward Silver badge

      Re: a 4MP camera with 1080p resolution

      I guess they just ignore half of the pixels. Seems a bit wasteful though.

      Either that, or they've gone ultra-widescreen: 3840x1080 (32:9)?

      1. TheRealRoland

        Re: a 4MP camera with 1080p resolution

        Lawrence of Arabia in Ultra-wide Cinemascope.

  2. Inventor of the Marmite Laser Silver badge

    Shortly to appear, somewhat repurposed, in a BOFH episode or two.

    Come to that, where is the BOFH?

    1. AbelSoul

      Re: where is the BOFH?

      He's been busy repurposing an AI robo-car.

  3. LDS Silver badge

    "AWS also introduced a managed service called Amazon Personalize"

    Yes I think they need a lot of guinea pigs to understand why it only thinks people need to buy things they already bought and aren't going to buy again soon....

  4. Mog_X

    Robots and controlling satellites (Ground Station)?

    AWS has morphed into Cyberdyne Systems.

    Nuke icon, as we all know how this ends up....

    1. Michael Habel Silver badge

      Can't happen soon enough! On the bight side, the nuclear winter should right all that Global Warming that you do keep hearing about.

  5. Michael Habel Silver badge


    You mean that Intel are still making that dumpster fire of a Proc? Everytime I see it my recuring PTSD from having used a Netbook comes back, and I feel an age of the world slip. So I guess I don't have to worry about these things zipping along on the streets... Thank goodness.

    1. LDS Silver badge

      Re: Atom?!

      The Atom family evolved a lot since the first models. Just look at the C3000 SoCs which are akin to low-power low-temperature Xeons - far less powerful, true, but still able to support a good amount of memory and also coming with features like Intel QAT and 10Gb Ethernet for storage/network use, interesting for building firewall/NAS devices when power consumption and cooling could be an issue.

      And remember this is a model car to develop technologies, you shoudn't see them zipping along streets....

      1. Michael Habel Silver badge

        Re: Atom?!

        Yeah I kinda get it that the Atom has (hopefully), improved some over the last decade now. Its just my Brain associates Atom with very laggy, and slow as Mollassess on Brass Monkess cold January morn' SoC. And, to be honest I wouldn't care to ever see one ever again. But, I don't think its like Intel are curning these Chips out like its 2008 again. So perhaps I am being to unkind?


        1. LDS Silver badge

          Re: Atom?!

          I understand you - but when I was looking for a small system to build a small low-power firewall with - I found Atom C3000 systems and in the beginning I thought too "Atoms?" - but looking a little deeper I found they didn't look too bad, and it looks Intel worked on making them interesting for some kind of low power/embedded systems - from few-cores, low power models to models with more cores (and more power needed) and more processing power.

          I ordered a few days ago a motherboard with a C3558 chip (I needed a low TDP for cooling reasons), I will have more data about these Atoms as soon as it arrives.

          1. Michael Habel Silver badge

            Re: Atom?!

            Ok as long as we can agree that Atoms probably shouldn't be atempting to run a baseline OS (cough XP/7 & or Linux), then i#m good. As some higher end contender to ARM for IoT(hings), or indeed as a mindless brain to a NAS Box, yeah I think it could indeed work in that envroment well enough.

            Still that won't be enough to stop me from going arseholes, and elbows away from anything I see as having an Atom inside. I guess I'm just Atom-phobic in need of counseling at this point.

  6. Ima Ballsy

    LOL ....


    "It also teased a machine-learning inference chip called Inferentia, and a small radio-controlled car called DeepRacer for executing autonomous driving models in the real-world and terrifying pets."

    Damn, I got a CAT I would love to use this to chase it with (as long as the Missus isn't around)

    .. Amazon here I come ...

    1. TomPhan

      Re: LOL

      There's three outcomes - cat hides, cat ignores it, cat smashes it to pieces.

  7. cbars

    Right, but what's the point...?

    Racing, I understand. Watching robots race.....

    Does anyone watch two chess computers play each other?

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