back to article Microsoft's edgy Open Enclave SDK goes cross platform

Microsoft's Azure IoT team has made available a cross-platform version its Open Enclave SDK with an eye to securing devices at that mysterious entity, the Edge. These days, Microsoft is all about the Intelligent Edge, where the likes of cameras and sensors lurk. In the past, these devices were relatively simple, with all …

  1. Waseem Alkurdi

    Open Enclave xD

    Is the whatevertheycallit intended here?

    Like in "open lock", " open safe", ... ?

    1. LordOfDorks

      Re: Open Enclave xD

      No, "open" as in all firmware source code is available and only published industry standards are being utilized, so the device manufacturer can truly own his solution. The device manufacturer also gets to determine the code execution policy for his devices so he can explicitly permit outside code contributions or not.

      1. Waseem Alkurdi

        Re: Open Enclave xD

        I know ... I was talking about the mental picture of an “open lock” ...

  2. EveryTime Silver badge

    I followed the link.

    It appears that the press release is a pre-announcement: they intend to release the functionality at some point.

    And yes, as the first poster noted, it's "Open Closed". This is _The Register_. There are writing standard. And those standards involve puns. Especially for a topic so obviously absurd as this. I expect (.. demand) that this story will be pulled until there is at least one groan-worthy pun per paragraph.

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