back to article Oops: Cisco accidentally leaked in-house Dirty COW exploit code with biz conf call software

Cisco this week patched critical vulnerabilities in its switches, Stealthwatch, and Unity voice messaging system. Oh, and 'fessed up that it accidentally shipped software that included in-house-developed exploit code for attacking Linux systems via the Dirty COW flaw. The networking giant also announced it has begun combing …

  1. _LC_ Bronze badge

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    People who use Cisco also leave their doors open and advertise this along with their daily schedule in the local newspaper.

  2. Mark 85 Silver badge

    and someone neglected to remove it before shipping.

    Fire the old pros, hire cheap off-shore. Which is one way of saying: "Hire monkeys, pay them peanuts." So what did they expect would happen?

    1. _LC_ Bronze badge

      Just no.

      At this time, do we really have to keep pretending that those have all been mistakes?

    2. Rusty 1

      I'm quite sure they were hoping for the complete works of Shakespeare.

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