back to article Commvault revenues grow – but only just – as it switches to subscription pricing

Data protection and management biz Commvault squeezed out just 1 per cent revenue growth in its second quarter of fiscal 2019 as it transitions to subscription pricing as part of the Elliott Management driven makeover. Bob_Hammer Hooo boy, Commvault, your activist investor is not a happy chappy READ MORE Revenues in the …

  1. johnnyblaze

    Terrible, just terrible.

    Jesus H Christ. Is every single greedy vendor just switching to a subcription model to keep revenue figures up? What happened to buy once, pay 20% annaul maintenance to keep the product under support with the latest updates. Now, you pay 100% EVERY SINGLE YEAR, and the minute you stop paying, you lose access. Companies will literally go bankrupt eventually because of greed mentality. It's all the clouds fault. Never has there been a single, more focused attempt to fleece companies for all their worth by moving their 'services' to the cloud and moving everything to a subscription. I have nothing but contempt for this terrible path we're now all being forced towards.

    1. Jay Lenovo Silver badge

      New Corporate Proverb

      Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day.

      Tether a Man to your cloud, and You Feed on Him indefinitely.

    2. hoola

      Re: Terrible, just terrible.

      Yes, forced by the greedy, quick buck mentality of the investors, in the case Elliott. Now they have a history of ensuring good value (for then selves). Interesting that at the moment Commvualt had no debt. I am really surprised Elliott have not squeezed that out yet.

  2. J. Cook Silver badge

    I can tell you that the middlemen don't like the subscription model either. This whole thing of "we must keep increasing our sales every quarter" is a fantasy, and it not sustainable.

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