back to article Aussies: Want gigabit symmetrical NBN? We've got good news and bad news

Australian businesses will soon get retail offers for the kind of National Broadband Network services consumers pine for: symmetrical gigabit-per-second Ethernet access, delivered over fibre. The company building the network, nbn™, said the launch came after it spent a year working with a number of service providers on …

  1. The Central Scrutinizer

    It is to laugh. Try getting an NBN simple home phone connection set up. For youse foreigners, a Not a Broadband Connection phone service will (eventually) be mandatory for us all.

    The amount of arse ache you have to go through would try the patience of an assembly language programmer.

    Turd rate infrastructure and telcos who can't be arsed to train their staff properly.

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  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Australai's NBNCo better get its act together quick smart. It needs to drastically drop prices and offer gigibit to residential users at lower costs that their hundred megabit offering today.

    If not 90% of their customers in metro areas will switch to 5G and Telstra/Optus will eat their lunch, real soon now, assuming Telstra/Optus can work out how to provide a stable service that is!

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