back to article Microsoft teaches a 10-year-old Red Dog new tricks and the Windows 10 1809 delay hits Exchange 2019

While Microsoft celebrated another earnings bonanza and its flagship operating system continued to remain conspicuously absent there was plenty for the followers of Redmond's antics to chew over. 10 Years Of Azure Some things never change. It was ten years ago last week that Microsoft’s software architect Ray Ozzie took to the …

  1. Dwarf Silver badge

    There's that T word again

    Really, testing is important. screw up the integration between your flagship products and people will really know how little coordination goes on inside MS HQ.

    Testing isn't difficult - you know what your product spec is, you can automate testing and you can stop blowing your own feet off and further eroding what little confidence people have that you might know what you are doing.

    1. TheVogon Silver badge

      Re: There's that T word again

      "Exchange Server, while released, cannot actually be used yet since it requires Windows Server 2019. Which is MIA while “we work through a product quality issue” according to Microsoft. This raises an interesting philosophical question: if a software product is released, but no-one can install it, can it truly be said to be released?"

      Server 2019 was released and then withdrawn. So it was released. I had already downloaded it and it's on bit torrent if you can't wait. No issues using it so far.

  2. Danny 14 Silver badge

    another note for cloud is for the "home use program" for office. I got an email yesterday to say that 2016 HUP is being retired for office 2019 - not a huge shock. But the big shock is HUP office 2019 being retired on 1/7/2019 and will be replaced by annual office 365 plans only.

    So the choice is pay $10 for perpetual office 2016 before 31/12/2018, $14.95 for perpetual office 2019 before 1/7/2019 or $14.95 office 365 ANNUALLY.

    time to go back to recommending open/libraoffice

    1. bombastic bob Silver badge

      or don't pay ANYTHING, then download/install Libre Office. *FIXED*. You're welcome.

      (yes to going back to recommend libre/open office)

  3. Roger Greenwood

    “lose the trust of developers for a generation.”

    As we are talking computers, that's about 6 months then?

    (The one with the copy of the SBS manual in the pocket)

    1. Pseudonymous Howard

      Re: “lose the trust of developers for a generation.”

      If we are talking about developers, then a generation is what the public usually counts as a generation. Talking about users of the currently hyped JavaScript framework - who also tend to call themselves developers for no sane reason - then a generation lasts about 6 weeks.

      Already getting my coat to be out of here quickly ;-)

    2. bombastic bob Silver badge
      Black Helicopters

      Re: “lose the trust of developers for a generation.”

      the 'latest generation' of developers seems to have started with windows "Ape" and gnome 3 and systemD.

      That would be 2010-ish as I recall, shortly after the widespread sigh of relief when Windows 7 released... [2010 would be the beginning of the development cycle, more or less, confirmed by systemd's history on the wikipedia page]

      It began with the release of gnome 3 in 2011. Linus' response to it was *PERFECT*. Gnome 3 has angered users AND developers for changing the rules and cramming it down our throats, among other things.

      It more or less coincided with the release of systemD. That, too, has angered devs and users alike, for similar reasons.

      Then, it culminated with the release of Windows "Ape", with Sinofsky taking the heat for a design made by THE SAME PERSON THAT INVENTED THE RIBBON, along with a 2D FLATSO look that just hasn't gone away (like it should have) in Win-10-nic.

      And let's not forget Chrome and Firef[u,o]x - 'Australis' was the official encircling of the drain for the UI.

      Strangely, this period ALSO corresponds (astrologically) to the entry of Pluto into Capricorn, and the election of Barak Oba[k,m]a. [last time Pluto entered Capricorn, it was the 1770's, and the U.S. revolution happened]. [for a brief pause for thought, consider that tidal bulges on the sun are relative to planetary positions as seen from Earth, in their effect of solar output on the Earth - tidal bulges would alter the reactivity of the nuclear furnace - and for what it's worth, if it has an effect on the psychology of the human mind, it makes sense - not as a way of predicting the future, but as a means of explaining generational trends, etc.]

      For good or ill, this astrological 'coincidence' seems more compelling than otherwise. If the pattern is to be believed, it covers "a generation", marked by the following: for the first 1/3 or so of the period, there is a general overreach and upheaval of the institutions (governments, banks, corporations) that motivate their overthrow (2nd 1/3), followed by the re-establishment of something new (final third). This is my opinion but I'm sticking with it anyway.

      It suggests that the current generation of developers, who are responsible for things _LIKE_ windows 8/10, gnome 3, and systemD, are in fact, shooting their own feet. Their actions (like the presidency of Oba[m,k]a] motivates a YUGE rebellion (electing Trump), which is then followed by "something else to replace it" (referring to gummint policies as one example).

      For the software developer 'generation' effect, it could be a restoration to old ways, such as going back to the WIMP interface with 3D skeumorphic appearance and System V 'init' [such as releases like Devuan, desktops like Cinnamon and Mate, etc.]. It could be a return to "customer-centric".

      in any case, it'll be the kind of "STOP; go back" revolution, followed by an "even more of THAT, thank you".

      /me removes tin foil hat now, and grabs popcorn.

  4. Andy Mac

    Nice to see Skype for Business supporting TLS 1.2. Almost just in time for TLS 1.3...

  5. katrinab Silver badge

    " if a software product is released, but no-one can install it, can it truly be said to be released?"

    Yes. It definitely isn't the first time a software company has released something that doesn't work.

  6. JWLong

    MicroSoft .................

    Enough said ......................................!

  7. onefang Silver badge

    "Samsung claims that the tech, which is presumably a bit cleverer than spreading Vaseline over the lenses, will create a ‘perceived’ PPI of 1,233. The previous headset which lacks the new-fangled light diffusing grid could only manage 616 PPI."

    A claim that has been getting a lot of flack. There is the same number of pixels, they just look a little bigger to squeeze out the screen door effect, which is just the gap between the pixels.

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