back to article Twilio tweaks twicky twalkative bot toows to dewight devewopers: It's Autopilot for chat apps

At its Signal show in San Francisco, California, today, cloud comms biz Twilio intends to debut a chatbot platform called Autopilot for creating chatty software agents suitable for integration with a variety of services, including interactive voice response (IVR) systems, SMS, chat, Alexa, Slack, and Google Assistant. Informed …

  1. LordHighFixer

    I wonder

    I have been considering taking all the comments ever posted on the reg, using them to train a Markov bot, then giving it a tech support role.

    1. richardcox13

      Re: I wonder


      We would just have a second man from Mars.

  2. stiine Bronze badge

    best description ever.

    "Second, the cloud comms biz is debuting a service called <Pay>, the great-than and less-than signs serving to appeal to developers, enrage copy editors, and make content management systems choke on unclosed HTML tags."

  3. Nick Gisburne

    Walter the Wobot would be pwoud

    Judge Dwedd not so much.

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