back to article Workplace services-flinger Sodexo pulls Engage website after division hit by malware smackdown

Employee benefits firm Sodexo has suffered a data breach exposing personal info believed to include names, email addresses and home addresses after UK arm Sodexo Motivation Solutions’ internal IT systems were hit by malware. In the wake of the breach, it pulled Engage's staff-facing retail discount and perks website …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Double trouble

    > Sodexo told us the Filmology platform was a separate entity which was "completely separate from the Sodexo IT Infrastructure".

    So the parent group is running two completely insecure websites - double the fines then.

    Let's make that triple for failing to implement lessons learnt from the first breach.

  2. iron Silver badge

    "undetectable by leading antivirus software" - Norton doesn't count guys.

    "A team of CREST-approved security specialists" - I don't care what toothpaste they use.

    At least they didn't say they take their user's security seriously, etc.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    hmmmm my childcare vouchers are provided by Sodexo wonder if that's been compromised as well. And know we're in the realms of GDPR I wonder if I can seek some compo!?

  4. Commswonk Silver badge

    Serves them right...

    From the article: Sodexo Engage describes itself as a "specialist in employee and consumer engagement".

    If that's how they see themselves then they deserve to have their security breached.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Re: Serves them right...

      Making kids lifetime diabetic cripples by providing junk food dispensers in schools while bronveloping the director sure counts as consumer engagement to me.

  5. SGJ

    Misleading headline

    Whilst Sodexo Engage may be "a specialist in employee and consumer engagement" the headline is highly misleading. Sodexo, the parent company, is actually one of the largest multi-national comanies there is with over 420,000 employees and revenue running into the billions of Euros.

    1. Dr_N Silver badge

      Re: Misleading headline

      Yes, more of a works canteen company than anything else.

      Always a depressing lunchtime when you end up eating at a Sodexo joint.

      1. JeevesMkII

        Re: Misleading headline

        Maybe I have barbaric tastes in food, but when I worked at a company that had outsourced the cafeteria to Sodexo I didn't mind very much. I'm perfectly happy with a cheese and pickle baguette or a baked potato with tuna and mayonnaise, and that sort of food has the advantage that not even the most cretinous employee can screw up its preparation.

        That was more than a decade ago though, so for all I know they may be in the business of incinerating even baked potatoes now. I did recently learn they're a major player in the private prison racket though. I hope convicts don't have more sophisticated palettes than I do.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I worked there 9 years ago

    when they bought out Circles (boston company) to get into the concierge services. They cut the thinly staffed IT department in half, causing a disaster for the business - tickets that would take 4 hours then took 2 weeks since there was no staff to do the work they had to offer over time to everyone - who most of were working on their resumes to find a company that didn't have their IT head up their ass. Clearly they never learned. Sodexo is a low bidder, bottom feeder. I'll leave the comments on their food to others.

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