back to article Fragile SMW-3 cable back in service

The troubled Sea-Me-We-3 cable is back online, for now. The break, in early September, led Australian carrier Vocus to light up its under-test ASC cable ahead of schedule. A cable ship was found quickly enough, but ships move slowly. The Asean Explorer was detailed to carry out the repairs, but it didn't arrive in Batam, …

  1. Phil Kingston

    Reminds me of our local

    Perhaps we need a seemewee one.

  2. David Roberts

    Naval surplus depth charges?

    Or home constructed with a pressure switch.

    These cables seem to be so few and so vulnerable that you would think that someone would have worked out a way to target them by now. Not me guvnor, honest, just idle speculation,

    Then again huge trawlers must be a danger, and I have vague memories of ships dragging anchors in storms picking up cables. Where is a submarine lair with real submarines when you need one?

    You would also think that one strategy in the WW3 that people are speculating about in other threads would be the selective cutting of submarine cables to force data through intercept points on backup routes.

    Now thoroughly depressed thinking about our planet and information addiction which is only enabled by a limited number of vital but vulnerable arteries.

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