back to article Top Euro court gives Infineon the benefit of the doubt, wags finger at Philips over pricing

It is possible that Infineon was not as deeply involved in a price-fixing cartel as previously assumed, the European Court of Justice has ruled. But Philips can suck it. Infineon appealed its €83m ($97m, £74m) fine, claiming that a lower court had not given it a fair hearing because it only investigated five out of 11 …

  1. Cuddles Silver badge

    Good defence

    "It also claimed that the price fixing wasn't "a single and continuous infringement,""

    I'm sure there's all sorts of technical law stuff involved deciding how bad different offences are, but it just doesn't feel as though "We actually broke the law lots of times, not just once" is the sort of thing an offender should be arguing in an effort to reduce the penalty.

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