back to article Event warning... Serverless Computing London early bird offer about to expire

You’ve got just less than two weeks to save hundreds of pounds on tickets for Serverless Computing London, so buy now if you want to get ahead of the pack. We’ve got almost 40 speakers joining us in London in November, including keynote speakers Chad Arimura and Charity Majors, and a trio of workshop leaders. Our speakers, …

  1. andy 103

    "how can I go faster"?

    "how can I go faster"?

    By not wasting your time, money and effort on stupid bullshit buzzword conventions like this.

    The sort of people who attend events like this are probably the same people who Gatwick Airport employed to tell them "the cloud" meant their departure boards could never be offline:

  2. LesC

    Where's ¡Bong! when you need him? Still it has 'unlimited refuelling', avocado toast by the container load?

  3. W.Hower

    Old school

    One persons 'buzzword bingo' is anothers early retirement. I like opportunities like that, they keep me at a premium.

    I'll see you on the beach.

  4. Pete4000uk

    No servers?

    So where does the data go?

    If I attended this, could I add another paragraph of manure to my LinkedIn profile?

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