back to article Thinking of saying goodbye to your servers? We'll show you how

Whether you’re looking at tweaking your infrastructure or contemplating a wholescale transformation, Serverless is likely to figure in your planning. Which is why you should secure your place at Serverless Computing London now - and save hundreds of pounds into the bargain. Our two keynote speakers, Chad Arimura and Charity …


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  1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Serverless computing. Getting rid of the difficult bit in the title.

  2. Phil W

    Up next:

    Computerless computing, workerless working.

  3. LeahroyNake Bronze badge

    Bye bye servers hello cloud

    #randomtimelater what do you mean your servers have gone down? I thought all this stuff just worked by magic faries that like eating an increasing amount of cash every quarter?

  4. cb7


    Not so great for a small biz if the existing local server runs bandwidth intensive software accessed over GigE LAN and the fastest broadband you can get is 6.8Mbps down and a fantastic 0.7Mbps up.

    When is BT going to offer better broadband to business parks / small industrial estates? I guess keeping their noses in the trough leaves no time for anything else for middle/upper management.

    1. LeahroyNake Bronze badge

      Re: Really?

      They refuse to upgrade these places to FTTC / half decent speeds as they know some Business require more than 1Mbit connection and may pay ~£350 a month for a leased line.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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