back to article UK slides from first to fourth in UN e-gov survey

The UK has fallen off its perch at the top of the UN’s biennial e-government ranking, dropping three places. The survey, which compares trends in digital government across countries, rated Denmark as the most developed – a big jump from its previous ninth place. editorial only image of Whitehall. Pic Daniel Gale/Shutterstock …

  1. Zippy's Sausage Factory

    That the UK was ever atop the poll surprises me. What has surprised me since moving to Portugal though is the amount of paperwork here compared to the UK. Although the tax people here are light years ahead of HMRC...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      How convincing

      In just a year countries jump up and down the rankings? And as for the NHSthe Wannacry "analysis": I'd be very interested to read more to substantiate the claims of equipment being destroyed, or where the consolidated cost estimate came from for that matter.

  2. sitta_europea Bronze badge

    I can't see how the UK ever got to the top of this table in the first place. Government IT is shambolic.

    For *months* I've been trying to tell government that the SPF record for is broken.

    I even wrote to my MP (on 25th June) about it.

    The SPF record is *still* broken.

    Of course if the SPF record for wasn't *also* broken (and if I hadn't *also* had no success there either) I'd have more confidence in getting anywhere by writing to elReg.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I can't see how the UK ever got to the top of this table in the first place. Government IT is shambolic.

      And you really think other countries' governments would do it better? Governments the world over are varying combinations of corrupt, inefficient, partisan, and customer-loathing, and as a general rule typically exist as a balance between make-work organisations, and organisations working merely for their own bureaucratic interests.

      I'd agree UK government IT is often shite, but I can't see why that would be inconsistent with a high ranking amongst other governments. Think of this table as an index of least crapness.

    2. DavCrav Silver badge

      "I can't see how the UK ever got to the top of this table in the first place. Government IT is shambolic."

      Move to Germany. Embrace the tax system administration. Top tip: when moving to Germany, don't say you are a Christian if you aren't, else they will set up a tithe to go from your wages directly to the Church. You can't get out of it unless you have a signed letter from the local church saying you are an apostate which, given you were never there to begin with, is not possible.

      PAYE works very well for the vast majority of the population (fewer people on here of course, because of the contractors). PAYE doesn't work that well in the US, France, Germany, or a variety of other countries.

  3. Unbleached White Girl

    How Did The USA make the top 5??? Now there's a shock!

    While the rest of the world was teaching kids to program, we were still arguing about letting the students use computers in school. We are so far behind, it's no wonder we have to outsource. It must have been because we made our cyber-techies start using chopsticks to eat their Vegemite sandwiches at Tea. That's the US Govt's logic for just about everything: Do what the top countries do and soon we'll be on top!

    Or it could just be that it's the hackers/gamers who get all the security jobs.

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