back to article Oracle cuts ribbon on distributed ledger service

Oracle confirmed a bunch of firms in financial services - traditionally a conservative sector - were among the first to test its blockchain platform that today was made generally available to all and sundry. The service, trailed at last year’s gabfest Oracle Open World, aims to provide a resilient, scalable and secure …

  1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge
    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "In common with other vendors, Oracle’s blockchain is built on the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric. "

      So all the same vulnerabilities as the other options then.

    2. -tim


      Because as a business I with audit requirements, the first thing on my christmas list is a distributed ledger... for reasons.... I guess.

      I think some of the hype of block chain has to be from someone who has figured out the "split islands" problem and wants governments to consider blockchain as secure so they can run several sets of books. While I don't have the computer power to play that game, there are plenty of billionaires who do.

  2. Detective Emil

    Three-and-a-half nines

    I suspect that's too few to interest many of Oracle's most lucrative clients.

  3. Aodhhan Bronze badge

    They have to do something

    Their over priced, under secured database is starting to be used less and less; so Oracle has to do something.

    Banks don't exactly have a huge supply chain, so saying any of them use this isn't really saying much. Where they do, it's so regulated by every country, that it's not really providing anything but a common application.

    My worry is simple. It's Oracle. Once again, they rush a product through... to be one of the first so they can charge way too much. All their products are pushed this way... all their products have security holes which can be used as examples of what not to do.

    Oracle: Not exactly the best name in the InfoSec world.

    I imagine, nothing will change in this regard.

  4. Multivac

    Look, look, I'm punching myself in the face!

    Blockchain makes perfect sense in an organisation that has loads of distributed IT hardware all on an internal network. But when it's implemented by a company that can't even produce a firmware patch that won't take down your entire business you'd have to be some serious kind of masochist!

  5. Dr Who

    The fog has lifted

    "for building prototypes for documentation processes in 12-week sprints"

    I see. At last it's all perfectly clear.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Because Oracle

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