back to article Palo Alto Networks rattles tin, wants $1.5bn for, er, stuff and things

Palo Alto Networks is trying to raise $1.5bn in cash for "potential acquisitions" and "strategic transactions", the company said today – though it claims not to have any buyout targets in mind just yet. The company, which recently hired a new chief exec, former Google and Softbank bloke Nikesh Arora, said that of the $1.5bn it …

  1. Schmeelster


    Maybe if they stopped pissing money up the wall on Marketing and stocking up their smoke and mirrors inventory they could actually post a profit and do this rather more easily.

    Complete dog and pony show are this lot and they have foundations on quicksand......mark my words!!

    1. Death_Ninja

      Re: Really?

      I'd disagree.... but much like Cisco have one decent product followed by a inventory of burning dog poo, Palo have a decent firewall and a load of other fluff around it which doesn't offer much...

      1. Schmeelster

        Re: Really?

        A decent firewall? It is about as effective as a piece of wet cardboard. My 8 year old could find a way through that without breaking a sweat.....

        They are a triumph of style over substance.

        And look at their numbers, particularly the one with - in front of it, in the profits column. 12 years and still no sign of a profit and now this? Absurd.......

        1. Death_Ninja

          Re: Really?

          You can break through a Palo firewall? Really....

          I could argue all day about the pros and cons of the different firewall vendors but being able to break through ANY of them is some sort of movie based nonsense.

          If anyone is achieving access into a network beyond a palo firewall then its because someone has configured the rule base to allow it.

          1. TheVogon Silver badge

            Re: Really?

            I hope you don't manage security for anyone.


            1. Death_Ninja

              Re: Really?

              Oh wow, they have a bug list.

              I'll bet you work for the vendor who doesn't disclose their bugs.

              I could tell you how to mitigate nearly all of those Palo bugs before they are even published but sounds like you don't need to know anyway because your company are writing their own firewalls.

  2. TheVogon Silver badge

    So what do they do with the revenue of a small country that it costs to buy and run one of their boxes?!

  3. joed

    give us free money?

    I'm not sure what else they offer to potential investors but .75% is surely not worth the hustle.

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