back to article Xen 4.11 is over a month late and its devs are mostly cool with that

The Xen Project has missed the deadline to ship version 4.11 of its hypervisors by almost five weeks, sparking debate among developers about the length of its release cycle but not worrying the Projects leaders. Xen 4.11 was due to ship on June 1st, 2018, after a testing effort announced on April 18th and which envisaged five …

  1. big_D Silver badge

    Good to see...

    that they are taking the security and quality seriously.

    I'd rather wait a few days or weeks for a secure, stable product than have something rushed out to meet some marketing deadline.

    Microsoft and Apple often get caught up in this, if they release a buggy pile, they get grilled in the press, if they delay to deal with last minute problems, they get grilled in the press...

    As a user, yes, I want to see / try the latest and greatest releases, but on the other hand, I have to work with it, so it has to be secure and stable. So I'm very happy if a company or project delays a release / launch a few days or weeks to "get it right".

    Of course, even then, we are talking about software, so it isn't going to be 100% bug free, ever... But taking a bit of extra time to iron out the most obvious problems is time well spent.

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