back to article GIMP masks font downloads, adds horizon fix in new build

As the US partied and the UK made increasingly desperate “well, we dumped YOU” jokes, the GIMP team celebrated 4 July by emitting a fresh stable build of the arty application with a function aimed at fixing drunken photos. The latest stable release of GIMP (2.10.4) sees the introduction of the nifty Straighten button as part …

  1. JohnFen Silver badge


    "a potential end to staring at a screen during start-up while a seemingly endless parade of fonts load."

    This is great news -- this is literally the only thing about GIMP that I find truly annoying. I fixed it in my workflow -- when I know I'll be doing image editing, I just fire GIMP up well in advance and don't close it until I'm sure that I'm done for the day. But it would be nicer if I didn't have to put up with the slow loading.

    1. fobobob

      Re: Hooray!


      gimp -f

      if you know you won't be creating any text

  2. Charles 9 Silver badge

    It may also be worth noting that GIMP entered the 2.10 cycle only a few months ago (in April), and 2.10 represents major changes since the 2.8 cycle which should be noticeable from the get-go (I've known about it for a bit since I'd been using the 2.9 experimental cycle for a while). The continued compatibility is probably the reason this is 2.10 instead of 3.0, that's how big the change to 2.10 represents.

    1. Sven Coenye

      The biggest practical change is that the stable version finally supports > 8 bits/channel. That is what folks have been clamoring for since the advent of digital cameras (and it is one of the main reasons CinePaint had that dedicated following), yet that nugget somehow didn't make the article.

  3. Mike Moyle Silver badge

    Still no native CMYK support...


    1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

      Blame the leeches who pretend that 'computer implemented invention' is not a synonym for software patent.

  4. fnusnu

    "a powerful image editor with functionality comparable to its far costlier commercial equivalent"

    One word:


    1. Androgynous Cow Herd

      "a powerful image editor with functionality comparable to its far costlier commercial equivalent"

      That’s two words

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Free software

    It made its first appearance some six years after Adobe’s PhotoShop and has evolved into a powerful image editor with functionality comparable to its far costlier commercial proprietary equivalent.

    GIMP is free software, there is no restriction on the use or sale other than the need to make the source code and any changes available.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Free software

      If you're imagining that the article is implying GIMP is commercial, rather than PhotoShop, then you're reading it wrong.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Free software

        GIMP and Photoshop are commercial.

        GIMP is free software and Photoshop is proprietary.

  6. Paratrooping Parrot
    Thumb Up

    Gimp and darktable

    Using those two together should hopefully be a Lightroom and Photoshop killer, especially since they are both available for Windows as well.

  7. Dave 126 Silver badge

    HDR support added in 2016

    Ten years back I just couldn't use GIMP, but it seems it might be worth another look if I need to play with environment maps again.

  8. Mike Green


    You might want to look at Krita, another free open source PS rival which does have colour space, CMYK et al, support and seems to be much more actively updated.

    1. frank ly

      Re: Krita

      I'd agree with that. I've been using GIMP for over twelve years and it is very good. Krita is a more 'modern' design and is more complex and comprehensive than GIMP and is also geared more towards 'painting' though it does have all the usual image manipulation and filtering tools and then some. Also, you can make bug reports and see them get fixed within a week in the latest nightly build download pages for Linux and Windows, as I have done myself.

  9. Potemkine! Silver badge

    GIMP may be powerful...

    .. but GIMP is a PITA to use.

    1. _LC_ Bronze badge

      Re: GIMP may be powerful...

      I have to agree. Like Blender and others, the interface can be painful to the "uninformed user". It is far from intuitive and will likely lead to repeated head scratching, unless you use it regularly.

      Furthermore, the usage of the "language" Scheme for Script-Fu script plugins is a wicked choice. I'm quite sure that Scheme wasn't intended as a real programming language, but rather as a joke – very much like Brainfuck. ;-)

    2. JohnFen Silver badge

      Re: GIMP may be powerful...

      I think is a matter of what you're used to. I find GIMP pretty easy to use, personally, but I've been using it for a very, very long time. When I use something like Photoshop, I find it very, very frustrating.

      I think the bottom line is that there's a large learning curve for using these sorts of programs, and I don't think that curve is any easier with other tools. So you tend to find the one that you've learned well to be the easy one, and all the others are hard.

      1. _LC_ Bronze badge

        Re: GIMP may be powerful...

        I have to disagree. I have been using programs for image manipulation/painting since the beginning (early Amiga). There are certain standards, such as unambiguous symbols. Because of this, I can do "simple things" with most programs rather intuitively. GIMP breaks with many of those standards. I remember looking for the scissors for cutting my selection...

        While you are right when it comes to the complicated stuff (layers, etc.), you are wrong when it comes to the basics. Most users only perform simple tasks, which can be done with many such programs. Using GIMP, I've seen them fail to a point where they gave up and installed an alternative.

  10. Teiwaz Silver badge

    Gimp lightning

    Pretty sure the font thing has been in for a week or two - Gimp has been loading damn quick the last month for me on Arch (don't think I'm on the GIT version either - might be, but don't think so).

    Didn't know why though (I actually think it's faster than Gwenview now).

  11. doowles

    I've been using GIMP recently since the 2.1.0 and its outstanding compared to what it was before with the white background and horrible "floating" toolbars.

    The new version really is a revelation, and the developers should be congratulated for their efforts. The startup time had been annoying so I am glad to try out this latest improvement.

    The only thing I would change is having plugins based in a simple standard python language, and better online videos on their youtube channel to teach new users. Oh I would also make the colour icons default just to make it look nice out of the box ;)

  12. Voland's right hand Silver badge

    The gimp installer bruhaha is the less naughty than a few other things SF does nowdays

    I had to pull some sources from SF yesterday and running it with noscript and looking where it picks up javascript snippets made for a very interesting reading.

    They were the same I get when I raise the shields to red-alert and go to read the "Russian take" on the daily news to compare with what our propaganda machines feeds us.

    It was interesting... to say the least...

  13. mgrds

    I sometimes wonder if it is me or gimp that has got better !

    But though it frustrated me when I first used it GIMP is now excellent ! Paired with darktable running on Ubuntu studio it is easy and fast to work with !

    Its a little slower and clunkier on windows but still.pretty good

    I use it with KDENLIVE for videowork - and my workflow has never been simpler or faster and the cost is zilch

    Gimp gets my love!

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