back to article 404s mentions of F5 Networks

References to F5 Networks have vanished from Citrix’s web page, and The Register understands a possible lawsuit is the motivation for the deletions. F5’s portfolio includes the BIG-IP application delivery controller, which competes with Citrix’s NetScaler. F5 has suggested BIG-IP can do a job improving the performance of …

  1. Rob D.

    Cat out of bag; sheep fer brains

    Aside from Citrix burning docs on its own sites, there are still external sites distributing that reporting ( for example). Alternatively, you can get the even better 'Nine Reasons' document providing impartial technical advice to the US government about why F5 is crap(*) from

    Choice phrases such as, "Citrix NetScaler is universally recognized as an outstanding ADC", and, "Citrix NetScaler has become the ADC of choice for leading cloud providers and enterprises across the globe", highlight the insightful nature of the content.

    Enough said and case closed - although, "Trust me, I'm a sales manager from a competing vendor", was never a winning strategy in my experience.

    (*) By which 'crap' means 'not Citrix'.

  2. J. Cook Silver badge

    Others mention events at which Citrix positioned itself as superior to F5.

    I have a different opinion to offer, primarily because Citrix told us that the Netscaler did support putting the various servers for the Cisco ISE product, when in fact we blew a month of time, quite a few days of VAR time, and multiple support cased with Citrix that got escalated as far up as we could push it, only to be told 'oh, no, it doesn't support what you are trying to do with it'.

    The VAR told us that if it was an F5, he would have been done in half a day with it, configured, tested, and running.

    I might be a bit biased, but I like the F5 rather better than the Netscaler, at least for load balancing tasks.

    1. J. Cook Silver badge

      (also read as "superior my pale, furry buttocks".)

  3. elip

    Maybe they're self-censoring their own BS?

    Did you catch that sentence in the archived screen grab? "Most cloud users have gone hybrid multi-cloud"??? What world do these guys live in?

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