back to article Jimmy Hill feted in Shoreditch

Keen fans of Crap Murals were seen heading to Shoreditch this morning, as a new artwork celebrating "two of history's greatest minds" was unveiled. "The enormous 200 square foot mural (that took 52 cans of spray paint to paint) has been created to pay homage to two of history's greatest minds, and to get people thinking 'what …

  1. wolfetone Silver badge

    Jimmy Hill wanted to introduce seating at Coventry, and they fitted them to the stands. All wooden seats. However, in that time period, hooliganism was rife and the seats were duly tore up by some ner-do-wells.

    Very much an innovator really, criminally overlooked, and by far a much better person than Elon Musk's program could ever hope to be.

  2. Rameses Niblick the Third Kerplunk Kerplunk Whoops Where's My Thribble? Silver badge

    I raise a glass to anyone who wishes to paint Jimmy Hill...

    ...chin chin!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's Rick Astley and it's the first mural rickroll.

  4. Andy The Hat Silver badge

    Whoever they are, they're good artists. That has to be the best Attenborough done in green spray paint I've ever seen ...

    1. caffeine addict Silver badge

      Agreed. Shame about whoever the other one is supposed to be though...

      1. Faceless Man

        I mean, Jimmy Hill's chin was weird looking, but I was sure it was at least approximately symmetrical.

        And, as my only exposure to him was when the ABC used to show Match of the Day on Monday nights, it was usually covered in hair of some sort. (I mean, I think it was his, but you could never really tell.)

  5. Vinyl-Junkie

    Instead of Jimmy Hill or David Attenborough, who would you like to see commemorated instead?

    How about Douglas Noel Adams and Sir Terry Pratchett on the same mural? Two great minds who left the world far too soon.

    1. Chris G Silver badge

      Re: Instead of Jimmy Hill or David Attenborough, who would you like to see commemorated instead?

      Upvoted and seconded.

      1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

        Re: Instead of Jimmy Hill or David Attenborough, who would you like to see commemorated instead?

        Me three

    2. Oliver Reed

      Re: Instead of Jimmy Hill or David Attenborough, who would you like to see commemorated instead?

      Mr England himself - Oliver Reed

  6. Stanislaw

    Did you know...

    Gary Numan is actually older than Gary Oldman?

    1. Unep Eurobats

      Re: Did you know...

      So he is! By just 13 days.

      It is, however, unfortunately not true that Jim Morrison was born in a van and Van Morrison was born in a gym.

      1. AdamWill

        Re: Did you know...

        Meanwhile, the Kansas concert in Chicago is cancelled, but the Chicago concert in Kansas will go on as planned.

  7. caffeine addict Silver badge

    200sq ft is "enormous"?

    10ft x 20ft.

    Apparently the estate agent was right when they called our front garden "enormous"...

  8. Spoonsinger

    I don't believe it.


  9. SVV Silver badge

    Artwork needs a name...

    I think they should title it "David feels a bit sick after his ride in Elon's shonky space rocket".

    It'll certainly attract lots of beardies into spaffing their trust funds in this pricey rent-a-desk shed. Wow man, they have Apple TVs in the meeting rooms! Recommend a glance at the webste if you want to make some new buzzword bingo cards (Shoreditch edition).

  10. krs360

    "Mindspace, the global co-working operator, in Shoreditch"

    What the actual flip is a global co-working operator??? Get a proper job, hippies.

    1. MonkeyCee Silver badge

      hipster translation

      "What the actual flip is a global co-working operator?"

      Company that rents out shared office space.

      The Shoreditch part implies that it will be expensive shared office space :)

    2. Rich 11 Silver badge

      Get a proper job, hippies

      Actual hippies have a better work ethic than these gimmick-flecked wafflespouters.

  11. TheProf

    Looks like Pob

    And again: Looks like Pob to me.

  12. GIRZiM Bronze badge

    The only person I can imagine thinking it looked like Jimmy Hill would be someone who has never seen Jimmy Hill in their life.

    And Gary Numan is leading Sir Stanley Unwin! I don't think the commentardiat has ever surprised me more!

    My choice would be the shower in government and Vlad the Impaler - I don't expect Vlad to do anything innovative as such (pretty much the same old same old, really) but I do expect it to be of immense benefit to the nation and create an opportunity to rethink government.

    1. Faceless Man

      It's important that Gary Numan be recognised for his innovation in discovering that in a car, you can lock all the doors.

      1. tfewster Silver badge

        More than that, "Cars" is an allegory for a protected personal space in public, predicting the rise of the WWW, MyFace, blogging, trolling, flame wars...

        Truly a visionary. Or should have been drowned at birth before he gave people ideas.

  13. BebopWeBop Silver badge

    It's Shoreditch - shurely the sainted Lady Fox has to be a hoe in for the obvious choice?

  14. Dr Scrum Master


    Aren't those the things daubed in slums?

    1. Francis Boyle Silver badge


      I think you'll find the Romans got there first. Though some of their murals probably would have been NSFS (not safe for slums).

  15. Valeyard


    Never was there a more legitimate claim for the title of "king of shoreditch" than the imagineer and digital prophet shingy

  16. alexbourne247

    90's throwback...

    I'm sure its Mark Lamarr!

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