back to article WOS going on? DDN ejected from IDC object storage marketscape

IDC has cast its eyes over object storage suppliers, and ejected DDN from its marketscape, brought in Cohesity and Cloudian, and shuffled around a few suppliers. The previous object storage marketscape was a December 2016 exercise so we’ve had to wait 18 months for this new one, issued this month. Here’s the crucial chart – …

  1. cloudguy

    What's wrong with this graphic?

    Well, if there is a $20M annual revenue bar to get over, then Caringo, Ceph (Red Hat & SUSE), and SwiftStack could all be sneaking under it. What seems likely, given the changes in the "rules" by IDC, is DDN doesn't have enough touch points in the object-storage market since its major strength is storage for high-performance computing.

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