back to article Google kills AdWords!

When announcing its first quarter results for 2018, Google CEO Sundar Pichai focussed on what he called "our three big areas, cloud, YouTube and hardware". As we noted at the time, that left the company’s biggest source of cash – ads – off the front page. Pichai did, however, say that the company is “excited by the still …

  1. Waseem Alkurdi Silver badge
    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Corporate rebranding

      Why were the founder- and engineering-CEOs of M$, Google replaced by clueless tactless India-born MBAs?

      Nothing good comes out of this :(

  2. lglethal Silver badge

    Someone let their toddler near the crayons again...

    1. Dabooka Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Funnily enough

      When I saw the logo it immediately reminded me of some brightly coloured plastic Meccano type stuff my kid had as a toddler, even the dot looks about right for the plastic rivety-thing it employed.

      So yes, kids and crayons is about right

  3. jake Silver badge

    That's nice.

    I killed google's ads around 18 years ago :-)

    1. Fungus Bob Silver badge

      Re: That's nice.

      Yeah, but now they're back and going to eat your BRAINZZZZ

  4. Rich 11 Silver badge

    Joss sticks and whalesong blue skies thought shower sloganeering

    "Google Ads - Borging the world so you don't have to. And can't, nor ever will."

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The important question is:

    Are there any new domain names to block?

    1. Waseem Alkurdi Silver badge

      Re: The important question is:

      Yeees, there's a whole lot of them coming! Something to the tune of ...

    2. monty75

      Re: The important question is:

      Amusingly, my adblocker blocked the image of the new logo in El Reg's story.

      1. iron Silver badge

        Re: The important question is:

        @monty75 Mine too! :D

        1. onefang Silver badge

          Re: The important question is:

          Usually the "large graphic blocker" is responsible for blocking large graphics at the head of articles, but this time something else blocked it. I didn't bother to check which of my other blockers it was. I may never see this new logo. I may never care.

  6. Phil Kingston Silver badge

    To me, the logo looks like a green-haired clown in a yellow top and blue jeans bending over to take one from Google.

  7. Blockchain commentard Silver badge

    Big three areas ... and Android not there? It's the sole reason for Chrome browser beating IE.

  8. Sil

    Pretty sure most publishers and advertisers would have preferred help in conforming their ad campaigns to GPDR instead of a rebranding exercise with little value.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It looks like someone with no fashion sense has spread their legs and had a big green shit. I'm impressed with the name Google Ads, I mean it's genius, it's google and it's ads, so clever and to the point. Whoever came up with that deserves a raise. Unlike Adwords as not all ads have words.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dont think so

    So, will I stop seeing more ads for stuff I have already bought? Dont think so

    Will I stop seeing ads for stuff I looked at and decided not to buy? Dont think so.

    Will I see ads for stuff I am actually interested in? Dont think so.

    Will I see special offers that are actually special? Dont think so.

    Will I stop being at risk from malvertising? Dont think so.

    WillI stop having autoplaying video content rammed down my throat? Dont think so.

    Will I stop seeing animated ads? Dont think so.

    Will I stop getting contaminated Google search results? Dont think so.

    WillI stop using AdBlock, et al? Dont think so

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Dont think so

      Will I use Google directly for searching in the future? I don't think so.

      Will I stop blocking Google IP addresses and domains in my home firewall? I don't think so.

      Do I care about Google or anything they say or do? I don't think so.

      1. jake Silver badge

        Re: Dont think so

        If anyone reading along wants to start blocking google, here's a good place to start:

        dig TXT +short _netblocks{,2,3} | tr ' ' '\n' | grep '^ip'

    2. cd

      Re: Dont think so

      But let us drive your car for you because our AI is so advanced.

      1. Antron Argaiv Silver badge
        Thumb Up

        Re: Dont think so

        I suggest keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road...

  11. Bavaria Blu

    Google Hardware

    I can't think of anything apart from overpriced phones in terms of hardware? They aren't actually made by Google anyway.

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      Re: Google Phones

      Apple does not make their i-Devices themselves. They are made by Wistron/Foxconn and re-branded as this site is constantly reminding us.

    2. iron Silver badge

      Re: Google Hardware

      So you've never heard of Chromecast, Google Glass or Google whatever they call that awful looking VR headset? I'm sure I could think of more if I spent more than 30s on it.

      1. onefang Silver badge

        Re: Google Hardware

        There's Google Cardboard and it's many clones (I and II), and Google Daydream (original flavour, and 2017). The Cardboard, often being made out of used pizza boxes, or cheap plastic knock offs, is usually ugly. The Daydream is the better looking VR headset of the three I own.

  12. detritus

    After my site disappeared off the front page of Google search results, screwing my new business income, I gave adWords a shot earlier this year. Complete mistake - my professional domain is not one to best attract a useful customer base via banner advertising - in fact, the opposite. Lesson learned.

    Anyway, I consider myself fairly technically competent, having been an avid computer-user for nearly 35 years now, but I've got to say that I found the AdWords back-end to be one of the most incomprehensibly convoluted, labyrinthine and confusing messes of an interface I've ever used.

    Is it just me?

    I was quite boggled by it - I know Google suffers this in a variety of instances, but AdWords is their primary revenue stream, no? How are the great mass of unwashed schlubs supposed to make sense of it?

    1. Killfalcon Silver badge

      I assume there's an ecosystem of consultants who'll optimise it for you.

      And a legion of automated tools that will break if google improves the interface... and those automated tools represent a large chunk of ad-buys.

      1. detritus

        Yeah, that's what I wondered - whether they were purposefully making it a bit convoluted to drive an ecosystem of locked-in 'experts' who then go on to espouse Google as a be all and end all.

    2. DJV Silver badge

      "incomprehensibly convoluted, labyrinthine and confusing messes of an interface"

      That pretty much sums up all of Google's interfaces as far as I'm concerned. Bookmarking things is also a waste of time as they change locations far too often.

    3. OldSoCalCoder

      I've been using AdWords on and off for 10 years for our small service business. Somehow I was able to use the geolocation part to target my ads to cities where we have physical locations, set min bids to what we could afford (not much) and...watched sales drop. Yes, the interface is very confusing. I can't remember if Google called me or I called them but I've talked to their AdWords support a few times, went from less keywords to more keywords, let them tweak my ads and...watched sales drop. Quit AdWords advertising for a few years(!), went back in a year ago targeting just smartphones and watched sales drop. I still don't know how 'the other guys' target ads to people who part their hair on the left with genetic disposition to compulsive toothbrush buying on Tuesday evenings living in green houses. Our best performing advertising? Our phone number painted on the windows in six foot letters on one of our closed sites.

  13. Tuesday Is Soylent Green Day

    Be thankful for the lack of symbolic explanation

    Humans can be exposed only to so many paragraphs containing words such as SYNERGY and MATRIX and ENGAGEMENT and TOP OF MIND and PARADIGM and GOING FORWARD before their cerebral cortex shuts down and they die.

    1. Killfalcon Silver badge

      Re: Be thankful for the lack of symbolic explanation

      Warn folks before you post like that, I thought this was amanfrommars posting!

    2. Teiwaz Silver badge

      Re: Be thankful for the lack of symbolic explanation

      Humans can be exposed only to so many paragraphs containing words such as

      Survival tip : mentally replace all such occurrences with the name of a type of bun or pastry.

      It'll not aid comprehension*, but the mental activity may help prevent a lapse into a coma for a couple of paragraphs at least (or until you run out of bun names).

      * May actually inhibit comprehension, which is probably for the best.

      1. JohnFen Silver badge

        Re: Be thankful for the lack of symbolic explanation

        "mentally replace all such occurrences with the name of a type of bun or pastry."

        Decades ago, I developed the mental habit of replacing all marketing adjectives with "lemon scented", and all marketing nouns with "doohickey". Works for me.

    3. Inventor of the Marmite Laser Silver badge

      Re: Be thankful for the lack of symbolic explanation

      Shutting down into protective catatonia.............

    4. Dave559 Bronze badge

      Re: Be thankful for the lack of symbolic explanation

      Didn't Max Headroom confirm that *years* ago (or was it very slightly in the future…)?


  14. Rosie Davies


    Thank you for noticing the bold, almost child-like palette used in the new logo. It is indeed meant to remind us of our younger days, when everything was new, fresh and exciting. Like Google's new ads service!

    The use of two converging lines suggests the many seemingly divergent streams that your customers follow across the web will coalesce to bring you Bigger Unexpected Google Generated Exceptional Retailing Ascendancy Lifted Levels. The use of gentle curves expresses that the subtle art of persuasion as opposed to the sharp forcefulness of compulsion will drive your business to the next level.

    And after all that, erm, fertile language; I think I need a shower. Several before I even begin to feel clean.


  15. JibberX

    Someone should tell Google Ads that they are a different company these days to Waymo... I guess they use the same designer...

  16. JohnFen Silver badge

    The stupid lie advertsiers keep telling

    "and had plans “ to enhance the user and advertiser experience.""

    Advertising never "enhances the user experience". It only detracts from it. I really wish that ad companies would stop trying to push this nonsense about ads being something that makes the online experience better.

    1. Antron Argaiv Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: The stupid lie advertsiers keep telling

      AdBlock and NoScript enhance my user experience.

      Now, it's when your employer casually mentions that they're "maximizing shareholder value", that it's time to implement your exit strategy.

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