back to article Intel finds a cure for its software security pain: Window Snyder

Intel has recruited noted computer security exec Window Snyder into its ranks to help improve its fortunes in the cybersecurity space. Chipzilla said effective July 9, Snyder, formerly the chief security officer at Fastly, will be its new software chief security officer and vice president and general manager of the Intel …

  1. Teiwaz Silver badge


    'Window Snyder'

    So did she marry or is related to the Principle from 'Back to the Future'?

    Good name for a Microsoft critical (or at least sarcastic) website though.

  2. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  3. Walter Bishop Silver badge

    Security products and future OSes?

    'Among Snyder's duties in her new role will be working with operating system vendors and third-party researchers for "industry sensing" efforts to get Intel's security products working with new and future OSes.'

    I can remember when it was the function of the OS makers to get their software working with the hardware. How is one to designate Window Snyder, since the James Damore and Jordan Peterson cases one is hesitant to make the wrong guess. Personally, I would have preferred her first name 'Mwende', as I don't know why she chose to refer to herself after Bill Gates creation.

    1. iron Silver badge

      Re: Security products and future OSes?

      Her name is Window, not Windows. Presumably she feels a strong, spiritual connection to panes of glass?

  4. David Roberts Silver badge

    Cool name

    Although probably a burden to bear as a cild and young adult.

    If only for the teachers and kids saying:

    "I can see right through you, Window...."

    "You just glazed over..."

    "You look absolutely shattered..."

  5. Kobus Botes

    Window Snyder

    V-2 Schneider!

    One has to love whoever comes up with these musical references - he/she/they are brilliant!

    Digging through my vinyls right now to give it a listen again (it is stuck in my ear now in any case).

    Fanboy of Bowie, of course. ------------------------->

    1. Kobus Botes

      Re: Window Snyder

      Just missed the edit window.

      Noticed too late it is her actual name. Maybe her parents made the reference?

      Still a cool record, though.

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