back to article Docker seeks Golden State burnish for cloud container expansion

At its annual enthusiasm fest in San Francisco on Wednesday, software container popularizer Docker shifted from technical talk to evangelism with previews of product improvements and the usual Silicon Valley word salad about changing the world. Golden State Warriors "Hype Man" Franco Finn arrived on stage at DockerCon to …

  1. hk


    It's funny how every time people run out of value propositions they will sooner or later quote "choice". Too much chaos in the product development? It's because the customer has the choice!

  2. Wayland Bronze badge

    What's the point of Docker?

    In the days of MS DOS you could lift an application and it's data off the hard drive simply by copying it's directory. This is because everything was written to run in a physical container, the floppy disk.

    With the advent of installers like Wise and Install Shield applications get buried deep into the computer and are no longer portable.

    Docker sort of brings us back to the days of the floppy disk based application without those limitations.

    The problem is figuring out if the effort of moving your system to Docker is actually worth the benefits. Some things are actually quite hard to even get working let alone containerise. If you do manage to containerise a tricky application then plenty of people will be pleased with how easy you have made it to use. However the effort may have been better spent on just sorting out the app so it's easier to set up in the first place.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One-hit wonder

    Now that all the VC’s and hired-gun CEO is running things, “selling-out” comes to mind. Any cool Docker had is erased by doing all sorts of thing following markets with “support-everything” complexity rather than building on leadership. CoreOS + rkt + Kube is (or was) a better way to go, but RH’s refactoring of CoreOS may also similarly kill it with corporate embrace, extend, extinguish.

  4. RobertsonCR7

    well were are going to be given even more and more choice

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