back to article Apple hit with another faulty hardware lawsuit – this time it's the Watch

Apple has been hit by another lawsuit claiming faulty manufacturing, this time over its Apple Watch. Kenneth Sciacca from Colorado has sued the tech giant in its home state of California claiming that Apple was aware of an issue in all the generations of its smart watch that can cause its screen to crack or detach, through no …

  1. malle-herbert


    You're watching it wrong ?

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      Re: So...

      Don't you mean

      You wear it not so well...

      {apologies to Rod Stewart fans}

  2. SVV Silver badge


    Putting the "victim" back into "fashion victim"

  3. DougS Silver badge

    Should be easy to tell the difference

    Between one with a cracked screen due to swollen battery (as the swollen battery is evidence) and one with a cracked screen but no evidence of a swollen battery.

    Sounds like Apple is doing the right thing here by extending the warranty to cover a problem that was found, and he's saying they need to do more. Maybe they do, maybe they don't, but I'd be surprised if it is easier for a swollen battery to crack the screen than it is for it to make the screen or the back pop off...

    1. monty75

      Re: Should be easy to tell the difference

      Yeah, but then the lawyers wouldn't be able to cash in.

  4. Tigra 07 Silver badge

    You all knew it was coming...

    You're wearing it wrong!

  5. mrdalliard

    Had experience of this.

    Had an original Apple Watch that exhibited this issue. The screen clean popped off and underneath was an extremely swollen battery.

    When I went in to the store with the watch, they didn't quibble whatsoever. They immediately saw the issue, said they'd replace it and sent the replacement by courier to my home. The original series 0 watch was replaced with a series 1 - so to their credit, they replaced it with a faster and shiny new device. I can only say they acted reasonably, given that it was well and truly out of its warranty period. I wonder if other manufacturers would have given a replacement in similar circumstances.

    My only concern is what happens if it does it again. I only hope they'll do similar with newer generations - so if this action forces them to widen the remit of the replacement scheme, I'm all for it.

  6. Michael Kean

    Apple's not alone...

    It's a common problem with the Moto 360 range as well.

    Life as a battery in a smart watch is not a pleasant thing - a fairly full-on daily duty cycle with occasional deep discharges, a constantly warm environment (especially with wireless charging), and relatively high current usage compared to capacity (>1C) all contribute to short overall life spans on early generation smart watch batteries.

    On the plus side, if they engineered them appropriately, you could argue that spontaneous disassembly when you need a new battery is a handy feature! Sure saves all that heating, unclipping, etc.

    My three+ year old Moto 360 is on its third battery. Motorola has given up making them.

    1. handleoclast

      Re: Apple's not alone...

      and relatively high current usage compared to capacity (>1C)

      Do you wish to rephrase that?

      1C is the current which discharges the battery in one hour. It also happens to be the way the battery capacity is defined (the rate at which it can be discharged for 1 hour). If the Apple watch discharges the battery at a little greater than 1C that is not a high current, since the battery rating is measured at that current. 10C would be a high current. Depending on the internals, even 5C might be a high current. What it does mean, if correct, is that the watch has to be charged more than once an hour.

      I'll ask again: do you wish to rephrase that?

  7. TVU

    "Apple hit with another faulty hardware lawsuit – this time it's the Watch"

    The underlying issue there is Apple's lack of sufficient quality control and testing and that applies to both hardware and software. That needs to be significantly improved and it's not as if Apple can't afford to do these things.

  8. PeterM42

    Not had that problem......

    ..... with my DZ09 Android watch which takes a nano-SIM card.

    But then it only cost under a tenner, so IF it does go wrong it's no big deal......

  9. deltamind

    Putting so much hardware into a compact design will obviously come with the de-merits. It's good that the issue was taken into account and solutions were being provided, instead of companies like samsung where after their NOTE 8 became a headache to the world, then only they recalled it.

  10. shoutymouse

    My Series 3 42mm was on the charger a couple of nights ago, when taken off to wear the screen had cracked all the way round and had popped clear. The battery looked like a small pillow and the watch was red hot. Sent to Apple for repair but they refuse to dos as the screen crack means I must have dropped it!

    It could not have had better care and had never been dropped in its six month life! Apple wouldn't speculate as to why the battery was mis-shapen.

    I have decided to take the to the Small Claims Court here in the UK, a cheap and pretty painless procedure, but a huge inconvenience for them. I would urge everyone else to do similar, only then will things be fixed.

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