back to article DXC UK chops more customer-facing service staff

Frankenfirm DXC Technologies is again looking for front-end customer support staff who are willing to leave with a redundancy cheque, according to an internal document. Targets are understood to be relatively low, certainly compared with last summer when – sources told us at the time – 900 staff were scheduled to leave the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There's an old business adage...

    You cannot cut your way to prosperity.

    Cost-cutting can help on a short-term basis and can help shore up profit margins, but you need to sell stuff to stay in business.

    Also, to satisfy your investors these days you need to grow revenue. DXC announces their latest numbers tomorrow so we will see where they stand.

    If minor note it is interesting that they are back to referring to Workforce Reduction (WFR). For many years it was Workforce Management (WFM), which sounds so much more positive, doesn't it?

    As ever, I feel for those about to lose their jobs...

    1. sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

      Re: There's an old business adage...

      I feel for those about to lose their jobs

      I'm not trying to be sarcastic, but look at it this way: At least they'll get a voluntary redundancy package.

      They can grab the package, have a short holiday, and on with the next job.

      1. Pavelow

        Re: There's an old business adage...

        the voluntary redundancy package isn't that great if it is anything like last years. Basically statutory (1 week per year served) plus £2000 ex gratia payment.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: There's an old business adage...

      You can only cut costs so far. Go beyond that and the business will collapse as those that remain rush for the exits before the company goes TITSUP.

      Like with HPE, I don't see any plans to grow revenue.

      Sad, so sad.

      {ex HP employee of 20 years.}

    3. trevorde

      Re: There's an old business adage...

      Don't forget these spins from IBM:

      'workforce rebalancing'

      'resource action'

  2. tin 2

    "Following on from the work we have done in previous quarters, FY19 is focused on "Making the Shift to Growth" and whilst we have made very good progress on the DXC integration, and have largely achieved out value capture targets of FY19 is about continuing to sharpen our costs base whilst focusing on growth."

    Is that a cut-n-paste quote? because it doesn't make any sense. If that's representative of who's in charge.. well... good luck.

    1. Androgynous Cow Herd

      “Making the shift to growth”

      Please fire the monkey PR flak that came up with that nonsensical statement, and stupid stupid catchphrase. You are not “Growing” in any real world sense if growth entails making your workforce shrink.

      As a corporate entity, DXE has no reason to exist other than to dump Megs losses and make HPE slightly more attractive. It didn’t work, either.

      There are too many giant IT shitshows in the world.

  3. Erwin Rommel

    And so the staff cutting carnage continues.......very shortly there will only be the security staff, and cleaners working in Newcastle, oh and the inexperienced graduates and 'cheap as chips' apprentices.....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Take equal rights seriouslly, until it costs us money

      Applies to most other sites as well including Erskine.

      You forgot to include the managers that will also be left that really wouldn't be that much use in McDonalds let alone a corporate IT services company.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The ‘new boy’ cohort of managers were the the most slippery bunch of leaders I ever had the misfortune to deal with. The old school managers had more integrity and cutomer focus in,their little fingers than the new bunch of fools.

    Sympathy to all those affected by the latest cuts.

  5. Miss Lincolnshire

    Thee are 200 new lives onoffer here folks

    I left HPE at the end of March 17 and dived straight into the market. I started a contract three weeks later and have just been extended again until October. Payoff is in the bank and in my pension. the opportunities are there.

    Grasp the WFR package while it is still there and while having HP on your CV still counts for something. There are far better places to work than where you are now..

    I'm afraid ex CSCers are sunk, Lawrie wrecked your reputation long ago,

    1. Cartimand

      Re: Thee are 200 new lives onoffer here folks

      "I left HPE at the end of March 17 and dived straight into the market."

      Me too - and am so very glad I took the redundancy money (on fairly generous terms at the time). Took me a couple of months to land on my feet, but now after almost a year in a better paid position with vastly better prospects and with most of my severance package intact (pretty well knocking my mortgage on the head), it turned out to be one of the best career moves I ever made.

      Despite the Brexit factor, there IS life after HP/HPe/CSC/DXC etc. and more often than not, the grass really is greener.

      Whenever I bump into old colleagues from HPe/DXC, they don't sound a very happy bunch these days!

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Androgynous Cow Herd

    Old song...

    "The Night They Drove Old DXC Down"

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