back to article Victoria's educational apps-for-students let creeps contact kids

Google and the Victorian Department of Education have set parents, students, teachers, and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner a poser: at what point does a feature become a vulnerability? Or just too creepy to put in front of kids? Victoria's teachers and students have adopted a system based on Google Apps …

  1. frank ly

    Victorian Department of Education

    I'm thinking about frock coats, double breasted waistcoats and mutton chop sideburns but I'm sure they're a laid back and relaxed bunch of people being Aussies.

  2. GnuTzu Silver badge

    Watch Out: Monopolies Will Try to Dictate Your Security Policy

    Yup. If Google or Microsoft say that it's cloud apps are safe to use, then they must be safe for all possible use cases--right? Seriously, they use language like; "you have to...", just as if they were saying: "you 1) must use our product and 2) you must adjust your security policy to enable the application." I repeatedly find myself saying: "no, your technical requirements do not dictate the security policy of this organization, and your product will not be permitted here until it can be made to conform with the security policy of this organization." Gotta stay vigilant.

  3. AussieJohn

    Storm in a teacup

    So a parent in Australia contacts a UK website to air their concerns about a service their kid is not obliged to use?

    Seems a bit churlish and sensationalist.

  4. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    I believe

    Richard Chirgwin is an Australian (Sydneysider if I'm not mistaken). And maybe it is a storm in a teacup. I'm not competent to judge but bringing issues like like these to the attention of those who are is a valuable function of the press and I'm glad the Register is on the case.

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