back to article Oz Budget 2018: Cash for 3cm GPS resolution, federated IDs, payments reform and blockchain

Australia’s government has tabled its proposed budget for financial year 2018/19 and as usual there’s lots of technology-related spending to contemplate. Welfare payments agency Centrelink gets AU$316.2m to spend over the next four years on the third tranche of its Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation project. The …

  1. pro-logic

    Australia's budget also reduced its beer tax.

    Now that is good news for the IT industry!

    Although it is shocking that the Australian government equalised the beer tax across kegs by reducing the tax on small kegs and not by increasing tax on large kegs...

    But I'm sure nobody is going to look the beerhorse in the mouth, it stinks of beer after all.

    1. Phil Kingston Silver badge

      Re: Australia's budget also reduced its beer tax.

      I can tell you one thing, I noticed no price cut at Pub Club last night.

      Will be interesting to see if there's actually any impact on bar prices.

      Still, 3cm positioning sounds great. Especially for rescue services and autonomous vehicles, oh, and Google.


    SBAS requires a bird in the sky

    Current systems are all owned by other nations and $260m is not very much...

    Having an open ground network would be a good start and coordination with accurate BOM sites would be nice but I realise that I'm dreaming when thinking about gov department coordination...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



  4. Mike Richards Silver badge

    3cm resolution

    Should allow for accurate drone strikes on funnel web spiders.

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