back to article Wow, machine learning, what a snoozefest... less so if you strap a bunch of GPUs to your storage

Machine learning stresses storage because training the models means millions if not billions of files have to be fed to the training system with its GPUs in as quick a time as possible. Suppliers are devising converged, hyperconverged and composable systems to sidestep chokepoints and make it simpler to get ML customers up and …

  1. Lorribot

    Unless AMD and Nvidia signifcantly increase production I doubt I will ever be able to buy a decent graphics card again.

    Coin mining and now machine learning/AI have managed to do what all the game companies and console makers failed to do and killed gaming on the PC.

    1. Excellentsword

      I'm with you. Let consumers use what GPUs are actually for, which is getting dank fps on game in resolution of choice.

  2. E 2


    It would be very good if the hacks would bother to spec the FP width when they bandy about "19.2TF".

    19.2 TF of 16 bit precision may help you coerce customer buying decisions, but for my nuclear weapons development I *need* 64 bit precision.

  3. jonathan keith


    Word overload!

  4. Mr161

    FPGA's people

  5. orubel
    Thumb Down


    They are treating 'edge computing' like the OLD model. Edge computing is your toaster, your fridge, your car, a network of cameras, etc. Ho does this model SCALE DOWN??? If I wanted a server, why not just buy a server or buy a prebuilt beowulf cluster.

    Scaling up from a HUGE BOX is great but IOT is all about scaling from a small model up... not from a HUGE BOX up.

    How does this fit into my car, my refrigerator, my toaster, etc? Can this run on a photovoltaic or 12 volt?

    And more importantly what is the price point?

    There is already a kickstarter for a 6-node IOT cloud starting at $650 that can fit in a lunchbox and run off your cigarette lighter, photovoltaics,etc and can expand indefinitely. Much cheaper and easier to use and is scaled down for the edge so that you can easily SCALE UP.

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