back to article Super Cali neutral traffic bill makes web throttling bogus

California is doubling down on its efforts to mandate net neutrality, this time with a bill making its way through the state senate. The bill, SB 822 [PDF], would mandate the state only work with ISPs that adhere to policies against blocking and throttling lawful traffic. It has been submitted to the Senate rules committee in …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Please stop the "Super Cali" meme.

    It might have been amusing at first but has long since lost the funny factor. If it were any more stale then even Rick Rolls would inspire a heartier guffaw.

    Please stop this meme before El Reg becomes more pitiful than a Geocities revival.

    1. Zog_but_not_the_first Silver badge

      Re: Please stop the "Super Cali" meme.

      Please don't.

      There's still a lot of tread on that tyre.

      And what's with the Geocities reference?

      Don't! You! Mean! Yahoo!?

      1. bombastic bob Silver badge

        Re: Please stop the "Super Cali" meme.

        I live in Cali-fornicate-you and laugh at every one of these 'Super-cali' meme titles.

        The gummint here REALLY IS that freaking stupid. I think Jerry Brown lost his marbles back in the 70's, when he did 'EST'. And he's been on tv ADMITTING how he's lied his ass off every time he runs for office. And now that he's truly term-limited out, he's finally showing who he REALLY is.

        And the really really stupid thing is all of the people voting FOR those idiot politicians in one of THE most corrupt legislatures in the world, where paid lobbyists openly occupy the legislature floor, and are consulted on EVERY legislative move, constantly whining or more money, and doing an end-around to increase taxes and fees [like on gasoline and car registration, recently] at EVERY possible turn, "for the children".

        icon, because, the Cali-fornicate-you gummint is one of the WORST with the "for the children" meme.

    2. Agamemnon

      Re: Please stop the "Super Cali" meme.

      As I'm often in California, and consider myself a Californian, I have to strongly agree.

      It's "California", or "Cal".

      As I was just in LA, a tourist or transplant from the Midwest or South immediately outs themselves when they say "Cali" and we all sort of wander away.

      It's like nails on a goddamned chalk board.

  2. Jan 0

    Doubling down?

    I don't see anything in this article about California halving it's efforts.

    1. Guus Leeuw

      Re: Doubling down?

      Dear Sir,

      doubling down (in blackjack) is doubling the bet in exchange for 1 additional card. So it is similar to upping the ante...

      Doubling down in political context normally means that a policitian keeps on telling lies even when faced with hard facts that tell the truth / reality.

      Doubling down, therefore, has nothing to do with either what the Senator is doing, nor with halving any effort.

      Does language not mean anything anymore these days? Can I just use random words that I like the sounds of in order to look more hip? What if I called you a cat, but really you're a dog? Is that OK? Or calling satellites "artifical" in the context of a story about the Keppler Satellite, as if there were naturally occurring man-made f*ing satellites...

      Best regards,


      1. TonyJ Silver badge

        Re: Doubling down?

        "...What if I called you a cat, but really you're a dog?.."

        I'd quite like a dog called Kat. ;-)

        1. Jan 0

          Re: Doubling down?


          Is your last name Tanega?

        2. CrazyOldCatMan Silver badge

          Re: Doubling down?

          I'd quite like a dog called Kat

          We've had one.. (actually, official name was "Katie" - so named by my mother. When we queried as to why here response was "so that I know two bitches called Katie", Which somewhat stunned us since my mum is very much someone who doesn't use rude language in any way..)

          She was a lovely brindle Boxer dog. Untill we realised how badly overbred (hip dysplasia, tongue-tied and a few other things) she was. She needed medication for the rest of her life (she died at about 12 years old - considering our previous boxers had exceeded that comfortably you can see how genetically damaged she was. Put me off having another pure-breed[1] dog.)

          [1] Ignoring the Dachsund - she was a rescue that we inherited when my wifes mother died. The Dachshunds long life (18 years) I put down to the fact that she didn't have to expend any energy supporting a capable brain.

          1. Shadow Systems Silver badge

            At CrazyOldCatMan...

            Enjoy a pint for that comment about the Dachsund not having a functioning brain.

            I swear to Cthulhu that every Dachy I've ever met was dumber than a slice of toast.

            A friend of mine used to raise purebred longhairs & any time I went over to dogsit for her, I would wind up laughing myself hoarse when they would run full speed straight into her closed sliding glass door.

            It had a diamond crosshatching pattern to serve as a deterrent to sighted beings not doing exactly that, but the dogs would ignore the rainbow sparkly pattern & *BONK!* right into the glass.

            Rebound with a bong, end up on the floor several feet away, sprawled like roadkill.

            Every. Single. Time. For years.

            At what point do you declare a pet brain dead & put it to sleep?

            Because those little shits were the very definition of brainless!

            As for the dog named cat bit, my StepDad calls his mutt "Fish" because the dog looks like a wide mouthed bass when you hold up a treat & ask "Who wants food?"


            That's why I'm a squirrel person. Nobody cares when you catapult 'em!

            *KA CHUNK*

            *Squirrelly scream*

            Bullseye! =-D

      2. Jan 0

        Re: Doubling down?

        @Guus Leeuwenhoek

        That’s a very specialised use.

        Most people would recognise the use of “doubling up” or “redoubled effort”.

        1. Daniel B.

          Re: Doubling down?

          Double down is recognized by pretty much anyone.

        2. JohnFen Silver badge

          Re: Doubling down?

          I think that most people (at least in the US) instantly recognize the phrase and understand what it means.

      3. Caltharian

        Re: Doubling down?

        the moon is a naturally occuring satellite

      4. Charles 9 Silver badge

        Re: Doubling down?

        "Doubling down in political context normally means that a policitian keeps on telling lies even when faced with hard facts that tell the truth / reality."

        More than that. When faced with the truth, "doubling down" means not just telling the same lies but telling EVEN MORE lies: in particular attacking the source of the facts. Someone doubling down is usually a sign they actually believe them enough that they see the facts as fake.

        PS. Most Americans are familiar with the casino card game Blackjack/21 which is where "doubling down" comes from.

  3. unwarranted triumphalism

    They have no right to do that.

    1. JohnFen Silver badge

      That has yet to be determined. We'll see.

  4. Milton Silver badge

    Secession by San Andreas

    In a perfect alternate universe, a benign and somewhat improbable fracturing of a major faultline will cleanly split California from the rest of CONUS and allow it to float off a few hundred miles into the Pacific, thereafter to secede from the union and become the unrestricted model of progressive civilisation in contrast to the east, which is currently suffering Death By Trump. California isn't perfect but it stands as a grown-up rebuke to much of the rest of the USA right now.

    And if that idiot fantasy is too much to ask, can I lower my sights and request that yes, please, El Reg drop the juvenile "Super Cali" nonsense? Like most of its adolescent punning, it stopped being funny after about 15 minutes, years ago.

    1. Eddy Ito Silver badge

      Re: Secession by San Andreas

      a grown-up rebuke to much of the rest of the USA

      Clearly you don't understand CALPERS. It makes Social Security look like fiscal perfection.

      Also the Super Cali bit is quite fitting. The folks in Sacramento do suffer from a mega-nanny superhero complex. But it's not reserved to the state level, the city monkeys are equally daft like LA's "Linkage Fee" a plan to make housing more affordable by piling fees on the construction of new housing.

      For every little thing they may, by chance, happen to get right, there are dozens of total pooch screws.

    2. Daniel B.

      Re: Secession by San Andreas

      I'd rather not have California secede, precisely because they serve as a counterbalance to the Trumpster madness in the rest of the US.

      They're not alone, the Northeastern Corridor also keeps mostly blue, but their 55 EC votes are necessary.

      1. JohnFen Silver badge

        Re: Secession by San Andreas

        To be honest, if California were to secede, I'd probably move there.

  5. bombastic bob Silver badge

    "For every little thing they may, by chance, happen to get right, there are dozens of total pooch screws."

    I still haven't figured out how these OBVIOUSLY CORRUPT and STUPID politicians keep getting [RE]-ELECTED. It must be that half the voters in Cali-fornicate-you are smoking WAY too much wacky weed.

    "Uh, man, gotta vote again. I hear the Democrat party wants to legalize more drugs and give me more welfare money. Awesome!"

    1. Charles 9 Silver badge

      Simple. Better the evil you know than the evil you don't. You want worse, they'll just point you to Washington. Out with the Beast, in with the Smiler.

    2. Eddy Ito Silver badge

      Maybe if the drugs were legal we could address drugs and addiction honestly like we do with legal drugs like alcohol and alcoholism. It also might cut down on drug related gang shootings and killings over turf wars, just like the alcohol related gang shootings and killings during Prohibition. Oddly folks learned a lot faster back then and dumped Prohibition within 14 years but the "War on Drugs" has been going on for about 47 years now and we're only just showing signs of getting it.

      1. Charles 9 Silver badge

        The current campaign has minority contexts so it triggers many people's intrinsic SEP fields. People were actually quite tolerant of the Prohibition gang wars as long as the gangsters stuck to whacking each other. It was Joe Ordinary's access to a calming tall one after work that irked them the most, but any effort to stop Prohibition only picked up steam when the gang violence boiled over when innocents got caught up in it and the levels went beyond the pale (the St. Valentine's Day Massacre tripped both wires).

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