back to article nbn™ gives ISDN, Frame Relay and Ethernet Lite a stay of execution

Horror stories about poor installation experiences for Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) are everywhere, which might be making businesses reluctant to give up old but reliable services. To get those customers over the line, nbn™, the company building and operating the NBN, has announced it will let business customers …

  1. Denarius

    does it matter ?

    Original ISP bought out by a bigger one, effective speed dropped to 10% of original and new ISP blames NBN. I suspect NBN will drop back to analogue copper and dial up modems soon as it is faster than much of the current mess if one is outside a CBD So X25 and frame relay are the future for NBN.

    1. GrumpyOldBloke

      ._.. .._ _.._ .._ ._. _.__


    2. mathew42

      Re: does it matter ?

      Have you checked if your new RSP sells unlimited data plans? If so it is very likely they purchase insufficient CVC. Try switching to an RSP that doesn't sell unlimited data plans.

      1. Denarius

        Re: does it matter ?


        you assume they dont lie/prevaricate/misrepresent or oversell the bulk capacity bought from NBN.

        I speed tested multiple "providers" Not much difference. Current ISP winds up at a Telstra router in Sydney. Most satellite providers do not offer unlimited plans. Reasonable as one could not use unlimited data over the offered speeds. I also suspect that no matter how good new satellites are, they will be oversubscribed quickly. Perhaps Musks SpaceX Starlink might apply commercial pressure that Oz archaic minded Ministers of Communications still dont comprehend.

        1. mathew42

          Re: does it matter ?

          > I speed tested multiple "providers" Not much difference.

          Did you test any providers who don't sell unlimited data plans? A few RSPs (e.g. AussieBroadband) stake their reputation on excellent performance.

          You can easily calculate the maximum RSP spend on CVC by using the NBNCo wholesale price list. The basic calculation is: Maximum CVC spend equals retail plan minus 1/11 for GST minus AVC charge.

          Of course this doesn't take into consideration the RSP's other costs (backhaul, support, sales, profit margin, etc).

          At that point it becomes clear that only a few users sharing your PoI who use their connections heavily will cause peak period congestion.

  2. JJKing Silver badge

    What a mess.

    Can this rollout turn into even more of a clusterfuck? If the idiots had just left is alone and gone with the original plan......

    1. mathew42

      Re: What a mess.

      Average speeds in Australia would not have changed much. According to the ACCC NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report, 84% of fixed connections are 25Mbps or slower.

      The LNP have responded to criticism of the NBN by reducing CVC prices down from Labor's $20 to $8, which is the lowest that Labor expected prices to fall to. This has significantly cut NBN revenue growth and limited it's ability to cut AVC prices, but you asked for it ;-).

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