back to article Should AI get to choose a topping in a two pizza team?

DevOps is finally getting somewhere. This year the term is ten years old and like most ten-year olds, DevOps is starting to show signs of puberty and cognitive maturity. According to analyst Forrester, this is being reflected in industry. In 2017, a Forrester survey found that over 50 per cent of organisations were to implement …

  1. BebopWeBop Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    crikey - fine attempt (shame it fails) to get "dev ops" back into the headline with a false dichotomy.

  2. K Silver badge

    "DevOps is starting to show signs of puberty ..."

    This means they'll be leaving crusty-socks (used for therapeutic purposes) on the floor, arguing they are right and not giving a f*ck about anybody else. Are you sure that equates to "cognitive maturity"?

    Jeez El-Reg, who the hell is sponsoring these articles? I recall about 15 years ago, you had a kink for articles on Application Lifecycle Management.

  3. tiggity Silver badge

    glass half full

    approach in this

    "AI can be used to determine subsets of test cases that are predicted to run for an incremental commit on the source code. He says this should reduce the overall test cycle time and the speed of deployment"

    Nearly anyone who has done software dev will be aware of changes in areas A bizarrely breaking area C that nobody expected.

    It's always safest to run all your tests (even on supposedly minor changes that are seemingly very limited in scope) - yes, it takes longer, but if you don't run your tests every time may as well just do hack and hope coding.

    Seen classic screw ups with JS jockeys, someone blithely uses a new version of a framework as its got some new "must have" feature (hint - you really do not need it) but that same framework has deprecated some other functions / changed method signatures and so lots of other JS in other areas now breaks.

    Remember, just say no (to JavaScript) whenever possible

  4. Bill M

    AI choosing pizza

    Yes, but only if it is intelligent enough to order what I want and ignore the other person.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Guillaume Ayme

    How do you pronounce that? Whenever I try, it sounds like I'm trying to choke start a Morris Traveller in December.

  6. WibbleMe

    Yorkshire Pussing Pizza?

    I remember a news article about the Italian Ambasidor receiving a pizza with a poached egg on top, let's say Italy has Volcanoes. So is the AI American or European?

    What would it choose for a base, deep/thin crust, stuffed crust or even Yorkshire Pussing Pizza?

  7. Lysenko

    What is he talking about?

    “The whole concept of DevOps is to bring together human beings for a more integrated approach to delivering technologies and systems.”

    The whole point of DevOps is to engineer humans out of the delivery process via automation. I'm having trouble parsing the sophistry. Is he talking about bringing people together at the Job Centre? Closer proximity of the survivors once you've sacked ops and QA and downsized office space? Co-opting customers as unpaid alpha testers?

    The existence of linters, test generators and code path analysis demonstrates that "AI" already has a foothold in build chains (in a primitive fashion) so that train has already left the station.

    1. Robert D Bank

      Re: What is he talking about?

      absolutely on the money with's about money and nothing else. It's dressed up as 'delighting customers', 'making a better place to work', even 'helping the community' blah blah, but it all comes down to reducing cost and making more money.

      Of course all 'customers' are complicit in the process whether they know it or not, or whether they care or not.

  8. Notas Badoff


    You had put the comma in the wrong place.

    "Given that 70 per cent of features are not delivering any actual value to their organisation by using AI, businesses can ..."

  9. Disk0

    You lost me at

    Synergies. Go wash you mouth.

  10. DCFusor Silver badge

    So, you've been telling us

    to listen to an immature child all along? Thought so.

    Good of you to finally admit it.

  11. Robert D Bank

    by nature humans will get used to AI & ML performing various functions and take their eye of it. The algorithmic learning that continues quietly could skew in unintended ways over time and gradually embed things that you really don't want. If this happens subtly over time and is not noticed then it could reach a point where it is impossible to undo it.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Here's hoping....

      Be too late for me to say I told you so, but hey...

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