back to article Ex-Chipzilla exec Arms biz to SoC it to Intel in the data centre

Carlyle Group-backed Ampere Computing, run by ex-Intel president Renée James, has launched a server-grade Arm system-on-a-chip to take on Chipzilla. The SoC has a 32 64-bit Armv8 CPU cores, operating at up to 3.3GHz with turbo mode support. There are private 32KB of code and 32KB of data L1 caches per core, 256KB L2 caches for …

  1. CheesyTheClown

    AMD, Qualcomm, etc...

    This post seemed like a fairly boring ARM offering. Either due to the unknown brand, underwhelming specs or whatever else, this seems like little more than simply repackaging generic ARM cores.

    AMD if they’d have followed through on ARM may have been interesting. Qualcomm was interesting and still may be, but they don’t seem to care about getting their stuff out there.

    My company is already dumping big iron in favor of highly distributed SoCs for “serverless computing”.

    By the time these guys ship and find a distribution channel, the world will be either x86 big iron, public cloud or distributed smaller systems. 32 core ARM CPUs don’t really fit anywhere. It’s far better to have 3x4 or 8 core CPU.

    I suppose they think there’s a place where people want to rewrite and/or recompile their systems without any consideration for quality of their code.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I hope those caches are full of lovely out-of-order preemptive data for the slurrping :o)

  3. iron Silver badge

    So a 3 year old chip design... team being lead by several Intel alumni... I guess it is vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre before it even sees the light of day?

  4. }{amis}{ Silver badge

    Anything but a monoculture

    This is probably doomed before it ships, but the current mostly stagnant server CPU space of Chipzilla + some rounding errors needs to end so all power to them.

  5. /dev/null

    PCIe 3.0? USB 2.0? Showing its age there!

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