back to article Measure us by subscriptions, says upbeat Citrix

Citrix has posted a strong fourth quarter, claimed its turnaround plan is working better than expected and asked the world to measure its health by looking at the number of subscribers it secures. Interim chief financial officer Mark Coyle presented a mixed set of numbers: revenue of US$778 million was up six per cent year- …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Weird phrasing?

    Subscriptions mean "existing, locked-in customers who renew support contracts each year" or legacy business, the new products are the SAAS $40m revenue.

    Surely success should be measured based on future facing revenue streams, not whichever legacy one looks the best?

    I guess this is how Novell Netware finance reports worked in their long, drawn-out, dying days too...

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